Many online stores in one's Administration Panel - how to benefit from it?

Tens of our clients have more than one online store installed in the Administration Panel. Check out, how you can take advantage of this feature on your own.

Here are some hints, how to conveniently and creatively make money by selling in many online stores using one Administration Panel.

1. Start locally and expand your business gradually

Do you wish to sell in many countries using many languages, currencies and domains - e.g. in PLN for Poland, in GBP for England and in EUR for Germany?

It's very simple! lets you open all three stores cheaply, and manage them easily by means of a single Administration Panel. Even if you can afford to open only one store at the beginning - it doesn't matter! The is a flexible solution and allows you to order additional online stores as your business expands.

2. A dummy competition effect

Do you wish to control the entire market of your branch? One of the best solutions to achieve this goal, is to open several, seemingly not related stores, equipped with a similar range of goods. Clients tend to choose and look for better conditions.

In, each online store functioning within one panel may have a completely unique design and may work on a different public domain. Thanks to the simple configuration of various prices of the same goods for different stores, you are given the opportunity to create a dummy competition among your stores.

3. Different product assortments

Do you sell medicines and underwear or maybe other differing assortments? Having several online stores installed in a single Administration Panel is the only solution for you, if you want to exhibit products aesthetically. Thanks to the possibility of customizing various shops within one panel, each of them will match the expectations of your customers.

These are just a few examples taken from real life. If you have a better idea than others - be innovative and open a chain of shops today!!