Email or SMS?

If you want to inform your customers quickly and without any delays, choose the SMS notifications service in If you think that instant notifications are not necessary for your customers, then an e-mail notifications should be efficient enough. Costs? It is not a big deal, because the SMS notifications are very cheap - see the details in price list.

SMS notification in - behind the scenes!

The SMS notification module has been designed on the basis of a well-tested e-mail notification module.

  • Text message templates are very easy to create. You enter message details via the Administration Panel, i.e. order ID, item name. These details are called active variables.
  • You can link created templates with particular events. If any of these events happen, proper template will be automatically sent. This feature lets you forget about manual sending - the system does it for you.

Costs under control

The SMS notifications are incredibly cheap. The costs of sent messages will not have serious impact on your budget. Moreover, you can easily set a quantity-limits of sent text messages if sale reaches higher level. It allows you to plan your budget easily.

Cheap and easy SMS notifications

It is worth to send SMS to your customers, because people do not check their e-mails as often as their mobile phone inboxes. If you particularly care about time, the SMS notification is the best solution.

Many Internet users do not check their email boxes regularly. That's why an automatically sent e-mail, containing information about pending order payment, can be read by a customer few days after you had sent it. During this period nothing happens and ready-for-delivery package waits for order confirmation and clear payment. Wouldn't it be better to send a simple text message and be sure that it will be read by customer in a few minutes' time? Automatic SMS notifications are the best solution to keep your customers posted about important affairs.
Why it is better to send SMS from the IdoSell Shop panel than from mobile phones or even SMS gateways?

Below we would like to present the most important reasons for sending text messages via the IdoSell Shop Administration Panel.

Sending short text messages does not require any additional effort

It is easy to create templates containing active variables (more in the side menu to the right)
Already prepared templates are easy to link with particular events (request for payment, order ready for shipping, order status has been changed).

IdoSell Shop is better than cell phone, even if you are sending single texts to you customers:

active branding - name of your on-line store shows up as a sender number;
it is simply cheaper - you pay only a few pennies for a single text message;
sending SMS option is accessible for each Administration Panel user - you do not have to buy a cell phone for each employee;
expenditures are under your control - you can set daily cost limit, so your employees would not send thousands of texts if you do not wish them to;
everything is under your control - it is possible to immediately view the content of all sent SMS;
it is convenient - charges for sent text messages are settled in the invoice for subscription plan.

Simple sending of a SMS newsletter campaign

Easy SMS newsletters - other systems support sending of only single text messages. Thanks to the IdoSell Shop, you can easily create a newsletter template and assign a target group. The Administration Panel will automatically send text messages to every member of a particular, strictly-defined group.

The synergy effect in cloud computing - SMS notifications combined with the (mobile|mobile version of your store)) are the most efficient solution for modern sales. Your client can stay in touch with your shop without even turning the computer on!

Example: A seller sent notifications to every single client who had not paid for order. They did it using a mobile phone. They wrote the entire message on a manual keyboard - every time retyping the client's phone number. After they had started to use the SMS module in the Administration Panel, costs of sending text messages have lowered and sending has become faster - even three times than in the Skype service! In addition, seller does not have to pay for phone of employees, who send text messages in shopping rush periods. A seller has finally realized that the SMS module is a very useful feature, and has decided to use it repeatedly. From that moment he does not care about problems with sending notifications to customers anymore.

  • SMS notification - SMS Newsletter - one of the best available marketing methods
  • SMS notification - Thanks to messages templates, shop will automatically send texts to Your clients
  • SMS notification - Thanks to automatic SMS sending module, You can easily contact the customers

Send Web Push notifications

Instead of SMS you can send Web Push notifications to customers, which they read in their web browser, on almost any device. This form of marketing practically costs you nothing.