Detailed price list of the IdoSell Shop service

We present a clear and understandable settlement method with the software provider. We have been using the same method successfully for many years, not changing the rules of the game during ongoing match. Choose reliability and cost predictability when developing your own online store.

Thanks to the IdoSell Shop and its unique system of communication with customers, you are able to order modifications to your system. Our highly qualified specialists are at your disposal. No need to look for contract workers whose qualifications may prove to be questionable. All specialists working in our Support Department are directly involved in developing the IdoSell Shop platform, therefore you always receive the highest quality of service with a warranty on proper functioning.

Our employees use highly specialized tools and focus entirely on meeting our customer's needs, so that the introduced modifications do not affect the actual functioning of the store or cause the unexpected loss of data. Just contact us, and we will perform any additional works for you. The price you pay for such specialized services, is very reasonable.

A clearly defined and universal Price list is a one of the foundations of the IdoSell Shop service. Due to the fact that every customer is treated equally, you do not need to worry that you will be offered an unfavorable calculation. To do this, we would have to apply such a change to all our customers, and that could result in loosing all of them. The more customers purchases the IdoSell Shop service, the more secured you are that the changes to the price list will be introduced only when necessary.

All versions of price lists.