Flexibility is the key to success

That is why we offer six DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plans.

Only a few years ago, in order to ensure a specific hardware performance level, it was necessary to purchase an entire server. Today, thanks to virtualization technology, we can divide a physical server into smaller, fully separated virtual servers. Each server is assigned a fixed number of logical processors (cores), fixed amount of RAM and disk space. Thus, virtual servers act completely independently, without affecting one another - just like physical servers located in one cabinet.

For our clients' convenience we offer six different DEDICATED CLOUD subscription plans with the following code names: DC2, DC4, DC8, DC16, DC32 and DC64.

DC 2 DC 4 DC 8
HDD storage space 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Number of CPU cores 2 4 8
Amount of RAM 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Subscription fee with English support £329 £519 £779
DC 16 DC 32 DC 64
HDD storage space 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Number of CPU cores 16 32 64
Amount of RAM 64 GB 128 GB 265 GB
Subscription fee with English support £1189 £1969 £3039

Technical support is a non-optional service for each plan. The support fee is charged once a month along with your subscription fee. With the most demanding online shops in mind, we have created the PREMIUM support plan. Fee for the PREMIUM plan, if chosen, substitues the standard technical support fee.

Choosing any of the DEDICATED CLOUD plans, you can freely - and without any downtimes - manage and adjust the amount of hardware resources. If you need better performance, simply upgrade to a higher DC plan. You can change your subscription plan at any time! Upgrading your DC plan is free of charge, and downgrading to a lower plan is available for only £69 / 79€. Because one physical server is not specifically assigned to one client, you pay no setup fees that are usually charged by hosting companies. Moreover, you do not pay for two servers during the migration process.

Detailed information about the provided services, their prices and all additional charges is available in Idosell Shop's Detailed Price List.
The Detailed Price List is the basis for all settlements.

All prices provided are net and exclude the relevant statutory value-added tax (VAT).