Tired of constantly growing costs and sales commission imposed by our competitors?

Hundreds of thousands in monthly sales on the leading online ecommerce platform, for a flat monthly fee of a couple of hundred euros? Yes, it is possible, but only with IdoSell Shop! We know that large on-line stores have different hardware resource requirements than the smaller ones. That is why we provide subscription plans based on dedicated virtual servers.

Subscription plans

appropriate to the needs and requirement of your shop

Subscription plan Number of CPU cores Amount of RAM maximum recommended number of orders per month Subscription fee (total)
DC 2 2 8 GB 4500 $529
DC 4 4 16 GB 9000 $799
DC 8 8 32 GB 18000 $1139
DC 16 16 64 GB 36000 $1749
DC 32 32 128 GB 72000 $2859
DC 64 64 256 GB 144000 $4509

All prices are net

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  • low and stable costs of running a shop on the modern IdoSell Shop engine, thanks to which you always pay the same amount with no surprises;
  • automatic updates which grant you effective tools and integrations that support online sales;
  • unlimited technical support;
  • experienced specialists who look after proper functioning and development of your shop so you don't have to worry about technical matters;
  • no commission charged on sold products;
  • fast dedicated virtual server will positively influence your sales;
  • possibility to change the plan at any time without additional cost;
  • no installation fee;
  • no additional fees for number of products and orders

When using one of the DC plans you have access to the newest hardware. If faster CPU or
RAM hardware becomes available, your dedicated server will be upgraded without any data transfers, loss of uptime, subscription plan change or, last but not least, additional charges.

You are free to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, which gives you control over costs and lets you plan, for example, for both busy and quiet seasons efficiently.

DEDICATED CLOUD and technical support

Technical support is a non-optional service for each plan. The support fee is included in the monthly subscription fee and is its integral part.

With the most demanding online shops in mind, we have created the PREMIUM support plan. It is available for the DC16, DC32 and DC64 subscription plans. More about PREMIUM support can be found here.

Do you need more power?

In addition to the above plans, it is possible to create an individual plan, tailored to your specific needs. We can, for example, combine two DC64 servers into a cluster or set up an additional disk array. In such cases the parameters and monthly fees are negotiated individually. More about the individual plan can be found here.

Details regarding monthly fees, pricing and other srvices can be found in the Detailed IdoSell Shop Price List. The Detailed Price List is the basis for all settlements.