Individual subscription plans for the biggest online shops

Our ready-to-use subscription plans in different variants - from DC1 up to DC64 - can be insufficient for big online shops. DC64 is the most powerful among available dedicated server options and consists of 64 CPU cores and 256GB RAM. If such a high specification does not satisfy your needs, we offer you the possibility of creating an individual subscription plan.

Individual subscription plans are offered for clients who require the highest processing power. Predefined plans, aimed at smaller companies, give the ability to modify the hardware specification on a day to day basis. The costs of maintenance and preparation are low. In case of a greater processing power requirements, preparation time can be longer and the costs can be higher.

What are the features of individually prepared plans?

For example, an individual plan can mean connecting multiple servers into a cluster. It is worth highlighting that we have many years of experience in testing, scaling and delivering such solutions. Multi-server systems are fully supported and ready to be installed.

For an online shop with large storage requirements, we can offer additional hard drives or even logical disk arrays. Thus, the possibility of further upgrade of the system is nearly unlimited. Extensive experience and skills gained over the years through the management of an infrastructure based on thousands of cores, enable us to efficiently prepare and manage individually created solutions. We will provide you with the assistance of our best administrators who have performed such operations many times for other clients.

It is worth noting that IdoSell Shop is designed to work both in a shared server environment, which allows you to take advantage of low subscription fees, as well as on multiple dedicated servers, with the highest available processing power. You will never have to change shop platforms or perform any data migration whilst switching between different hardware plans. Your solution will scale seamlessly whether your requirements increase or decrease.

What are the configuration possibilities?

The possibilities are great and enable the plan to be adjusted to your needs perfectly. The options you can consider are:

  • Connecting multiple DC64 servers into a cluster – the simplest multiple server plan (a so-called DC64x2) aims at using two DC64 servers for workload sharing. It is possible to return to one DC64 server or even to downgrade to a smaller one. Alternatively you can also add another server to the cluster (DC64x3). If it is optimal, we can add a DC32 server, which could support one shop with a given kind of services, to DC64.
  • Disk array configuration, designated for your shop's needs only. It will be suitable if you need a lot of fast and dedicated space for data storage.
  • Dedicated network connection for your shop's traffic only.
  • Using a load-balancer – as an additional intermediary in the communication channel, it is able to manage traffic, load data from various resources and serve it to a client in the most efficient way.

What are the costs?

The costs of arrays and connections are calculated individually. The cost depends on the amount of connected servers or additional elements of the infrastructure. To enable cost forecasting, we can assure you that the cost of an individual plan comprised of 2 DC64 servers (DC64x2) will not exceed double the cost of the DC64 subscription plan. Please remember that the bigger the amount of servers, the greater the complexity and the amount of time our administrators spend on maintaining such infrastructure. Thus, you should not expect that purchasing more servers necessarily equals big discounts, however, such are possible in simple configurations.

If you think that standard plans do not satisfy the needs of your shop or if you predict its further growth and you want to be prepared beforehand, contact us - together we will determine your needs, as well as the most suitable way to satisfy them.