How to configure language in shop?

When it comes to international sales, not only is a translated shop mask important. You should also configure languages and currencies set in your store properly. Owe to these settings you will be able to support customers and sell products in appropriate languages and currencies.

Language configuration page in administration panel allows you to define what languages you would like to use in your shop. allows you to do much more than other e-commerce systems. You can choose whatever languages you wish and as many of them as you wish in every store independently. Of course every shop should have AT LEAST one language chosen.

A language system has been planned in a way that adding a new language forces a shop owner or employees to enter an independent name/description in this language for products in the shop. Therefore, we do not recommend adding more languages than you really need. Pages in panel will have more edition fields than it is really necessary. However, there are no technical obstacles to use even 100 languages simultaneously.

First add a language to your administration panel. In order to do this, choose Languages in the administration panel under ADMINISTRATION / Language configuration. On the next page, all languages you have currently set will be displayed. To add a new language simply click on Add language and choose the new language from a list. After you click on choose you will have to wait for a while as all descriptions are copied from a chosen by you language to the one just added. Sometimes, if you have a wide offer it can take couple of minutes.
If a language you are adding is Polish or German, you have an option to set the default email and SMS templates, created by

After adding a language to your administration panel, choose Back to list of operations (you are again under the tab ADMINISTRATION / Language configuration). From there, go to Languages configuration for page and click on Add language. You will see the list of earlier added languages (ones from the section Languages in the administration panel). Now you can choose the language that should be set as default in the shop.

Notice: If, despite adding languages to your panel and store, a language selection tool is not visible in the shop, contact Your store mask may not have a corresponding component added or active. It applies only to older masks that are used by a small number of our customers.

If you want to remove a selected language from your shop, just click on a red X button next to it. To remove a language from your panel, you need to delete it from all your stores. Removing a language from a panel deletes all descriptions for the indicated language irreversibly!

Select a language in the shop automatically

Automatic language selection is available if you add more than a one language. This option allows to set a language displayed in a store without customers having to interfere, only basing on language preferences set in a user's Internet browser. If a language set in a browser is not on the list of available ones in a shop, the default language will be displayed in a shop automatically.
This option is independent from a manual language selection component. We recommend to have such a component installed as it may happen that someone not speaking a particular language uses a browser in a foreign country and, without the component, will not be able to change the language to a preferred one.

Select a currency in a store automatically basing on language preferences

Basing on a selected language you can also set a currency in your shop. More about this option can be found here.