Automatic payments processing with Skrill

The shop software shop helps you in any activity related to conducting sales over the Internet. Automatic payments registration offered by Skrill Holdings Ltd. is another step towards full automation of all repetitive tasks.

Skrill is one of the most popular forms of on-line payments in Europe, which is excellent, cheap alternative to regular bank transfers. Increasing popularity of Skrill is fueled by attractive pricing and reliable services.

Thanks to cooperation agreement between the IAI Co. and Skrill Holdings Ltd., all of our clients can benefit from extremely comfortable automatic payments registration. It is no longer necessary to manually accept payments to individual orders every time they come in to your shop. In cooperation with Skrill Holdings Ltd. the on-line store software automatically links and registers the payments made by this payment system to the respective orders.

An additional advantage is minimizing the risk of possible errors. How many times have you wondered, which payment applies to a specific order - if the transfer title or the sender name does not allow for identification? Using the automation of payments made by Skrill, both buyer and you do not have a space to make a mistake. After all, both making and registering the payment is carried out fully automatically.

The configuration of a Skrill in Administration Panel is simple and takes literally a minute.
Below you can find a schematics of Skrill operations:

Skrill payment system operation schematics.

The on-line shop puts an end to systems in which the deficiencies in the integration and automation of processes is compensated by the extra work of human.

We had noticed how tedious and repetitive activity is registering a single payment for each order separately. So, as usual and ahead of the competition, we have introduced full integration with Skrill. automates another business process, consisting of conducting commercial on-line transactions. Automatic payment registration by Skrill, like any new feature in the administration panel, is now available to all our customers.