IdoSell Shop partners who process return packages sent by customers to shops

One of the pillars of Polish e-commerce is trust. Fast, simple and inexpensive returns are a significant factor for an e-shop's image and help build trust between the customers and the store. The easier it is for the client to return an item, the more often they'll buy at your store. IdoSell Shop, being a partner of the biggest courier service providers, gives you access to return package processing of the highest quality and at the best prices.

Why is doing a good job processing return packages important for customers and shops?

One of the reasons why customers choose traditional, offline stores is the fear of buying a product that doesn't actually fit their needs and having to go through a complicated procedure to return it. This is why providing fast and cheap return package processing is literally indispensable and may give your e-store a competitive edge. Customers want a trouble-free goods return process and quick reimbursement of related costs. To facilitate that, return packages should be handled by professionals and the involvement of the customer should be kept to a minimum. By ensuring that, you'll encourage customers to make first and repeat purchases, and, most importantly, gain their trust.

Quick return handling also benefits your store. The quicker the goods return to the warehouse, the faster you'll be able to sell them again. And the less time you have to spend on serving one particular client, the lower the costs for your company. IdoSell Shop gives you a comprehensive tool for managing returns, i.e. the returns module. Meanwhile, thanks to agreements with courier service providers, IdoSell Shop can also handle return packages.

Return package handling means that all your client has to do is download the right document from your store's website. In it, they will find detailed instructions on what they have to do if they wish to return an item. All of the most important information about the return package and the required documents fits on 2 sheets of paper and can be generated right from the customer panel in your store. No more lengthy correspondence with clients about how to make a return and having to be creative to figure out some way to ship it. Returns are now easier and less stressful, which improves the shopping experience and makes the client likely not only to return to your store, but also to recommend it to friends.

Advantages of IdoSell Shop based return-package handling

  • an edge over competition with no access to IdoSell Shop, since they cannot offer services of this quality at this price.
  • faster handling of returns of sold goods
  • lower return processing costs
  • better logistics
  • increased customer trust
  • a more positive image for your e-store
  • improved shopping experience

Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service) - our return package partner

Logo Poczta Polska The IdoSell Shop return package partner is Poczta Polska, which has offered an absolutely astonishing price of 7.50 PLN before tax for any package weighing up to 30kg, regardless of its dimensions. The price includes insurance for up to 1000 PLN. The splendid price and wide availability of post offices makes the company an ideal return package handling partner. Courier service companies are less convenient as partners, since arranging for a courier to come and pick up the return package may be a much bigger hassle for many people than simply going to the post office and leaving a package that has already been paid for.

Using return-package handling

Each new mask has the option to turn on partner return-package handling as part of the returns module.

  • Users with STANDARD masks have to download and publish a new version of the mask. This can be done in the MODERATION/ Mask change, update, edition and translation
  • Users with custom masks need to submit a ticket for change implementation.