Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions by our users. If you could not find the answer you are looking for, please contact customer service.

I am planning an additional IdoSell Shop online store - what are the terms of implementation and subscription fees?

If you already have an IdoSell Shop online store, you can install any additional stores at any time in the administration panel.

Below, in four points, we explain how to implement a new store as quickly as possible.

1. If the new store is to operate based on the same administration panel

In most cases, it is best to install a new store to a functioning administration panel. Thanks to this, both stores can be managed from one place, share warehouses, prepare prints for shipping, accept payments or document sales. Even in case of different assortments, it is still profitable to have additional online stores installed in one panel. IdoSell Shop fully supports such a solution, so do not worry about running many online stores in a single panel. It will not cause any inconvenience or chaos.

PAYMENTS - SUBSCRIPTION AND ACTIVATION: Each extra store in an administration panel costs only $39 net to activate, instead of the standard $99 net. The additional monthly cost for each extra store in the panel is only $10 net. Remember that after having an additional store installed in the panel, the base subscription is shared - the amount of traffic, dynamic webpages and products displays are calculated in total for all online stores.

2. If a new online store is going to be a completely different project handled by a separate administration panel

If your additional online store is going to be a completely different project, e. g. handled by a separate branch of your Company, and you do not want to have all your Internet shops supported collectively, you can commission us with an installation of a completely different shop with a separate panel.

PAYMENTS - SUBSCRIPTION AND ACTIVATION: in this case, the settlements are done on a regular basis - you pay the full activation fee for a new online store, and cover the additional monthly subscription.

3. If the addItional online store is to be very similar to the existing one, make use of the settings sharing feature

Settings sharing is useful especially for large online retailers, as it allows for very quick go-live of new internet stores, by using existing configurations. Sharing settings will save your time and money by lowering the barriers of entry to your business. Now you can open an additional store not only at a low price, but also almost instantly, even in one day. With one click, you can create a new store with the same product offer, configuration, language and currency settings, or set up an existing store for new needs. See what sharing options you can use

If you are planning modifications that go beyond "sharing settings", we recommend that you read the following.

PAYMENTS - DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION: You can set up a new store with settings sharing yourself, or commission this task to one of our specialists. In the case of minor modifications in the store's template, the price of such work is usually only a few hours of work of our graphic designers. We will not charge you with the fees included in implementation packages. The settlement will cover the cost of actual working time spent on modifications to the template and settings sharing configuration.

4. If the additional store will be different from the current one

If the additional store is different from the existing one, e. g. by having a different layout or colour themes in many places, the best approach is to make use of one of the implementation packages:

The work of our graphic designers as part of an "implementation package" is much cheaper than standard commissions, so if the new store is to be different from the existing one, and these differences are not simply "cosmetic", to achieve the greatest savings, order a normal implementation package.

If you have your new store design (ready-made graphics, professionally prepared for coding, without additional processing required), we will not charge you a design fee.

PAYMENTS - DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION an order for a new template for an additional store is settled in accordance with the implementation package's price list.

Can I open a second shop for the same group of products so that a customer accessing the shop does not lose products in the basket?

Yes. The system is equipped with a mechanism that sets up sessions for store domains, technical domains, and SSL domains. Thanks to that, your customer, entering other stores, will remain logged in and keep the contents of their shopping cart. We recommend using the same prices in all stores, because if the customer adds the goods to the shopping cart in shop 1 and the order is placed in shop 2, the prices of goods will be calculated based on the prices set for shop 2.

What data can be copied / shared when adding a new shop in the administration panel?

1. Menu settings (navigation trees) based on sharing settings
2. Products, based on sharing settings
3. Banners, buttons, ads - are not shared by default. Sharing can be enabled.
4. Default metadata is copied during installation.
5. Base CMS - enabling this option will cause all the content you put on the shop's website using the CMS module to be the same.
6. Information on the status of order fulfillment (order status and payment status) - copied during installation
7. E-mail transactional messages content is copied during installation
8. Toplayers and widgets - are not copied by default. Sharing can be enabled.
9. Store behaviour configuration - yes by default.
10. HTML and JavaScript snippets - are not copied by default. Sharing can be enabled.
11. Email accounts - settings are copied
12. Delivery and payment profiles - copied by default.
13. Language configuration - copied by default.
14. Currency configuration - copied by default.
15. Product returns configuration - copied during installation
16. CPA program sharing can be enabled
17. Affiliate program configuration sharing can be enabled
18. Sharing of discounts and free products - once activated, all settings for discounts and free products will be shared
19. Price and promotion sharing - once enabled, prices and promotions will be the same in connected stores

I have enabled menu sharing. When I'm trying to add another navigation item, it does not appear in all languages ​​in a shop downloading settings. Why?

Adding a new menu item to the base store, creates a node only in languages ​​that are assigned to the store. If there are other languages unavailable for the base store, yet present in stores sharing settings, menu items in those languages ​​will not be added.

For nodes to always be added in all languages, add languages ​​available stores sharing settings, to the base store.