What should you do if you suspect an online store is breaking the law

IAI is a supplier of SaaS ecommerce solutions, including solutions for running an online store. We support thousands of shops, which process millions of orders every month. We supply the stores with sophisticated tools for managing orders and communicating with buyers, which in turn results in increased end-customer service standards. This is proven by the fact that our clients are continuously being named amongst the most professional and customer-centric businesses. However, given the scale of operations, isolated cases that do not match this description sometimes arise.

Despite the fact that a payment is processed using our servers, when a product is bought in one of the shops, we are not a party to the transaction, only a processing intermediary. Keeping that fact in mind is important when settling any disputes.

IAI role in any transaction

IAI (owner of IdoSell Shop) is a well known and trusted brand and the Powered by IdoSell Shop logo in the footer of a page is often treated as a quality guarantee (not without reason). We do sometimes observe that shops can experience delays in handling orders, which can be caused by factors such as organisational changes or temporary financial issues. Those are more often than not temporary issues and shops try very hard to ensure customer satisfaction. In extremely rare cases though, someone can open a business with the sole intention of carrying out fraudulent activity. We dedicate this page to those who are unfortunate enough to encounter the latter case.

IAI supports professional businesses that trade online. In the simplest of terms, our involvement in any transaction is the same, as of an Internet Service Provider that handles the internet connection when an order is placed. We are a hardware and software supplier.

Some online shops use the IAI Pay payment processing system, which is an intermediary between a bank and the shop a transaction is made in. Funds are transferred automatically to the shop, thus any refund requests should be made to the shop directly. We cannot accept any such requests on behalf of shops, as we do not have access to the funds transferred during the transaction. It is the shop's responsibility to handle any such requests in a timely and professional manner.

What can you expect from an IdoSell Shop online store?

In order to ensure the highest quality of service, all businesses running an online store with IdoSell Shop must:

1. Supply a signed service Contract and valid company registration documents before gaining full access to our services. We verify these documents to ensure we cooperate only with valid, existing businesses.
2. Provide valid contact information on the website, including an email and a telephone number. They also require to answer any inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
3. Only sell legal goods.
4. Present up to date price and delivery time information. Our advanced warehouse and logistics control system allows our clients to effectively manage this requirement. If we detect any unintended behaviour causing invalid information to be displayed, we work together with our clients to implement a resolution (including providing training and technical support)

If an online store did not send your order or did not answer your complaint:

First of all, be advised that IAI (IdoSell Shop) is not a party to the transaction and we do not take part in the order, returns or complaints processes ran by our clients. If you placed an order and items were not sent, or did not meet specification and the seller is not answering your inquiries or, in your view, is breaking the law - do not present your case to IAI as we will not be able to supply you with any information.

Confidentiality agreements between IAI and our clients prevent us from divulging any personal information in order to protect everyone involved from risks, such as social engineering attacks.

If you experience any difficulties or are in doubt, you should contact the appropriate authorities, such as the police or other fraud prevention services applicable to the country you reside in. IAI will always provide information and answers to requests made by official authorities.

Before you contact the police

Before you contact the police, ensure that you have given the shop enough time to respond to your query. Some shops are ran by sole traders and micro-businesses, that sometimes experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Make sure that you made yourself familiar with the actual delivery times advertised on the shop website and in the order confirmation details. Check your email spam folders to ensure you did not miss any important communication from the shop itself. Finally, ensure that your funds were transferred correctly by checking your bank account.

After verifying the above and after making sufficient attempts to contact the seller (via email or phone), which were unsuccessful, you should contact the police. When making a police inquiry, make sure you have the necessary documents at hand:

  1. Purchase confirmation documents, such as confirmation emails
  2. Address of the shop's website, including the page with visible contact information
  3. Payment confirmation from your bank
  4. If present, a parcel number or tracking code from a courier's website
  5. Optionally, you can also include a printout of this page

How do we cooperate with the relevant authorities?

IAI has a team dedicated to handling inquiries related to fraudulent shop activity and working together with authorities in resolving them. The dedicated contact email address for such queries is fraud@idosell.com. We can also be contacted via regular post, at IAI sp. z o.o., Piastów 30, 71-064 Szczecin, Poland. We aim to answer all valid requests for information within 7 business days from the date of receipt.

If the request is related to a payment / bank transfer confirmation, please include a confirmation from the initiating bank account, which will greatly help us in tracking the payment down. Alternatively, please provide the date, time and the payment amount.

What do we do if we suspect one of our clients is not processing orders in an honest manner?

We cannot close a shop ourselves based on a suspicion. Shops are protected by a standard contract, which guarantees a three month notice period. The contract also prevents us from providing any confidential client information to email requests, no matter how many we receive. The only exception from this rule occurs when we receive an official, verifiable request from an authority, such as a court decision.

If we receive an official request for information, we conduct an appropriate investigation and listen to the statements of all sides. We always take into account independent facts present in the system, such as parcel numbers, allocated payments, issued sales documents etc. Such tasks are carried out by experienced consultants and can take several weeks, in order to ensure information is accurate and that we carry out our duty of protecting online stores appropriately. If after such investigation we decide that a shop is involved in fraudulent activity, we terminate the contract with notice. After the notice period elapses, all data is archived and can be provided to authorities upon valid request.

If you suspect a store is using a registered trademark illegally

We sometimes receive requests for shutting down a store from trademark owners, or trademark protection companies, based on claims that the store uses a trademark illegally. Such requests are often substantiated by claims that such shops should be shut down immediately by their service provider. We will not process any such requests unless they are initiated by an official, verifiable authority.