New customers are within easy reach thanks to social media and social shopping solutions - only in

Integrating your on-line store with Facebook by means of a good application and system will allow you to reach potential customers. This the most up-to-date solution will help you to present your offer in the growing social network in a simple and convenient way.

  • Facebook mask - is also available on Facebook!

Until now selling on Facebook has only been a guesswork of social media experts. Today you can be ahead of your competitors, and be there, where millions of people are - on Facebook. Thanks to the's application, you will be able to run your own on-line store on Facebook without the need of spending a lot of money on Facebook experts and programmers.

Facebook members are very conscious Internet users so they aren't biased against new solutions and appreciate the opportunity of shopping on Facebook.

Why is having a Facebook version of an on-line store worth the while?

  • To play a significant role in one of the most developing social networks all over the world.
  • To establish relations with your customers.
  • To be innovative and leave your competitors behind.
  • To make use of a word-of-mouth marketing (your customers would be able to press the Facebook 'Like' button for particular products and even recommend them to others).
  • To be up to date and make use of social media and shopping.
  • To sell an UNLIMITED number of products.

Key features:

  • Optimized for Facebook requirements;
  • Design tailored to the Facebook layout with an option of modification to an individual order;
  • Fully working functionalities of Facebook including Like, Suggest to Friend and Share buttons available only in;
  • Compatibility and accessibility - the Facebook version of an on-line store is compatible with all browsers;
  • Lack of redundant extras overloading the Web page.
  • Works well with handling many masks installed in a single Administration Panel. An on-line store in a Facebook version will be a perfect supplement to your standard on-line store. It will also consolidate your position on the market by giving you a chance to build a closer relation between a buyer and a seller.
  • Works with the Administration Panel in the same way as standard on-line store masks, e.g. you can control navigation or texts directly from the Administration Panel.
  • Applied technology of components - you can order graphics in BASIC, ADVANCED, SOPHISTICATED or design_supreme_SUPREME versions. Obviously you can order any modifications to your graphics or use a ready-made version of the STANDARD Facebook mask straightaway.

We encourage you to get acquainted with the installation manual.