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Our offer includes different implementation packages, designed for sellers with various expectations, requirements and budgets. For demanding customers, who expect an individual approach, we offer fully personalised implementation packages. At the same time, we also offer STANDARD templates, at no additional costs, which allow you to launch your shop almost immediately.

In IdoSell Shop, we conform to your expectations. We can offer you not only unique layout designs, but also a vast array of additional services (e.g. custom functionality), which will result in a complex, one of a kind shop. We create and estimate individual implementations. We also offer a wide variety of ready-to-use templates. Regardless of what you choose, your shop's engine will not be affected. The administration panel remains the same practical tool, with peerless functionality.


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An individual approach to each implementation project

By signing up for IdoSell Shop, you receive the highest quality, ready to use product. Our implementation packages offer an individual approach and complex care. You get access to experienced specialists, who can be contacted at each stage of the process. Moreover, project supervisors are assigned to every shop (excluding STANDARD). They are responsible for proper functioning of your shop, conducting reported changes and providing expert advice in regards to your shop's layout and its updates.

You can use the help of our professional Graphical Design Department at any time. Specialists in the field of design, usability, coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and data import are always here for you. In addition to commissioning small updates, you can take advantage of extra implementation packages, which include graphical design work, and are calculated at promotional rates.

You can select the implementation package most suitable for your needs using the the order form. The packages can be ordered at any time whilst you are an IdoSell Shop user - e.g. when you would like to make changes to STANDARD templates prior to launching your store, or completely redesign an already running one. Opting for an implementation package does not limit you in any way - you can always make use of our Graphical Designers' services to make your vision a reality.

Services included in individual implementation packages

  • designing your logo
  • preparing your shop's draft
  • preparing navigation draft
  • designing graphics
  • encoding and implementing graphics in your shop
  • importing product and customer databases from your current system to our engine
  • training for you and your employees

Available implementation packages


Select one of the available free templates and we will publish it in your store. It does not include any work-hours of our specialists. You can purchase them individually or do everything by yourself - you are in control. STANDARD is a good choice for shops launched experimentally, or for companies that hire external webmasters and creative agencies.

BASIC20 h / £475 / 559€

This package includes 20 work-hours to be used for our implementation specialists' services. You can achieve a personalised graphical style and a custom logo for your shop. A typical BASIC implementation is based on one of the STANDARD templates, which is customised to your needs.

ADVANCED35 h / £929 / 1059€

This package includes 35 work-hours to be used for our implementation specialists' services. It is a compromise between a low price and the possibility for a completely individual shop look & feel. If you like stores created in STANDARD and BASIC packages, but want to commission additional work, choose ADVANCED. Additional time can be spent on, for example, changing component locations, changing their look or removing them from the store, performing product data imports, or creating external auction templates.

SOPHISTICATED60 h / £1599 / 1839€

This package includes 60 work-hours to be used for our implementation specialists' services. Our Graphical Designers can create a shop with a very personalised look & feel and advanced layout. It is an optimal choice for companies, that do not have atypical, requirements but expect a comprehensive implementation with attractive design, data import and training for employees.

SUPREME100 h / £2675 / 3055€

If you desire a unique implementation, with exquisite graphical design, dynamic elements and non-standard display methods - you should consider the SUPREME package. It includes 100 work-hours to be used by our engineers to create a store that will astonish your customers. We will also help you with early-stage configuration, create mailing and auction templates, design advertising banners, and much more.

from 100 h
price set individually

The most advanced implementation option, both in visual and technological aspects, exceeding 100 work hours. Service and price range is set individually. Select this package if you would like to not only launch a completely unique shop, but also commission additional work, such as coding custom data integrators, implementing extra functionality in the IdoSell Shop engine, extending the public API, etc.

Different implementation packages do not affect IdoSell Shop's functionality

You might be used to offers where the more you pay at the beginning, the more functionality is available in your online shop. IdoSell Shop is different. You receive the entire, unparalleled functionality no matter what implementation package you opt for. The packages are designed to allow you to make use of our expert specialists' skills whilst launching your shop. Our engineers, thanks to over 15 years of experience, can implement the best user experience and allow you to save time and money, when compared to external agencies.

Unlimited possibilities

IdoSell Shop's look & feel can be freely modified. Our offer of premade STANDARD templates allows you to launch a fully functional shop at a low cost, with the addition of optional implementation packages. It is totally up to you, and your budget, how unique your shop is going to be in comparison to our standard, free solutions.

You can use the knowledge of our seasoned Graphical Designers, who have already completed thousands of shops for our customers. Alternatively, you can design your own frontend templates and send them to us for implementation in our system. Moreover, if you cooperate with experienced and competent webmasters, you can develop the templates yourself (ask the sales department about this option our before making a decision).

When you are no longer satisfied with your shop's graphics, you can easily change the layout. Simple layout updates do not cause downtimes. If you constantly strive for perfection in order to maximise conversion rates, make use of our unique A/B test functionality. Contact your shop supervisor and create a solution that is perfect for you.

If you are still hesitating...

Based on our many years of experience, we have written a practical guide that can help you choose a perfect solution. Find out the answers to questions you probably ask yourself:

  • How much of your entire budget should you reserve for an implementation package
  • What implementation package is the most suitable for the type of your business
  • How to choose a package if you have a clear vision for your shop
  • Which package to choose based on the desired personalisation level