If your shop requires some modifications, you can implement them yourself or simply leave it to our specialists.

The quicker you respond to market demands, the faster your income grows. IdoSell Shop enables instant design changes without interrupting the sales process. No matter if you intoduce changes in a shop front yourself or you commision it to our graphics, new design of your store can be achieved quickly and safely.

If you have just set up your store, or if you have already conducted sales for many years, you can modify your shop any time by enabling new features, adding banners and auction templates or creating newsletters. Redesigning your shop frontend every few years is a good idea to make it eye-catching and usable. During the period of our cooperation, experienced IdoSell Shop graphic designers are at your disposal. Of course, if you would like to modify the templates yourself, you can do so by using easy tools which enable making changes in graphics and contect in every shop of yours.

Graphical design and implementation commissions

If you don't code HTML or CSS yourself – don't worry. Just get in touch with our graphics department and express your ideas. Our designers will price, design and tailor the frontend to your needs. IdoSell Shop graphics department is at your disposal during the whole period of our cooperation. Learn more about commissions taken by our graphic designers.

Modifying the templates yourself

Tools enabling editing CSS, graphic files as textual content (in all languages) are also at your disposal. Thus, it gives you independence - you can introduce changes yourself, add your own language versions without any additional charges, etc.

By changing CSS, with our shop template editor, you can almost completely modify the look of your store. CSS gives you full control over formatting of text, colours of given elements, graphics used in the design and, as it was previously mentioned, etc. You can for example prepare a different, seasonal (Easter, Christmas, etc.) version of your shop. The version with changed colours can also be published in your other shops.

Feel free to have a look at the detailed instructions for modifying your shop templates.

If you would like to introduce a different language version visit our website about shop translations.