Taranko: Social Login Helps Increase Sales

Taranko is a Polish family business that was set up in 1987 and makes women's clothes. In 2013, it launched an online store, which has undergone many changes since then. Additional language versions and new features have been introduced. One of the most distinguishing features of the Taranko store is the social login option. Read the comments of Małgorzata Taranko and Paweł Fornalski published on the popular website Evigo.pl.

One reason for reduced sales might be the fact that customers are unwilling to register new accounts at online stores. They simply do not want to have to memorize yet another set of login credentials. The Taranko online store uses a function that lets customers omit the operation of registering a new account when finalising their transaction. If a customer has already added all the products they want to their cart and wants to place an order, they can log in to the website using their Google, Facebook or PayPal account. "Online customers are usually active social media users, and so this is a convenient solution for them." – says Małgorzata Taranko, who is responsible for brand development.

The online store operates on the IdoSell Shop e-commerce system. The company from Szczecin was also responsible for the store's deployment and its graphic design. Logging in with a Google, Facebook, PayPal or OpenID account is free-of-charge as part of the service. The company has implemented this option on its own without using the services of outside providers. "To provide this option, we used the mechanisms provided by Facebook and Google. The option is used only to log in - it does not retrieve data from the social networks. The online store receives only the e-mail address and name of the customer." – explains IdoSell Shop CEO Paweł Fornalski. ''Logging in with a Google account is enabled by default in almost all our stores, because it does not require any additional steps. However, to enable logging in via Facebook or PayPal, you need to launch an application. Configuring this function requires some effort, and so it is not popular among online stores." – he adds.

Małgorzata Taranko states that integrating social media with online stores is the natural path for development. She places significant emphasis on social media for brand promotion. The company manages its Facebook profile on its own. It was also one of the first retailers to appear on both Instagram and Pinterest. "We do not treat social media as a tool for direct sales. We use Instagram and other portals to publish lifestyle content and present our work from behind the scenes. We focus on issues that are related to our products and suitable for our company image." – says Małgorzata Taranko. Their Facebook account provides information on newly opened stores and promotional campaigns. There are two company employees responsible for managing all the profiles. The company does not plan to use any external agency's services for this purpose. Two months ago, the Taranko online store was integrated with a blog on fashion trends. The blog also includes pictures from fashion shows and gives out advice.

"Our online store has changed significantly since its launch in February 2013." – says Małgorzata Taranko. "There were design and functional changes introduced. We change based on current trends. A lookbook was introduced and we published a film showing a behind-the-scenes look at how our clothes are manufactured. It helps our customers see the whole process and learn that most of our clothes are manufactured in our Gdańsk factory. We constantly introduce new elements. For example, we want our clothes to be presented by models." – she adds. The company also plans to create a mobile version of its online store. However, since the website's design is responsive, that is not a high priority at the moment.

Currently, the main priority is to advertise the store on foreign markets. So far, it is available in three language versions: Polish, English and Russian. The Russian-language version supports brick-and-mortar sales in Kazakhstan. "Bermuda was the most exotic location for us, but most international orders come from Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Holland. Before the political turmoil, we used to ship a lot of orders to Ukraine. Our shop supports orders to 20 EU countries, as well as many outside the continent." – says Małgorzata Taranko. The packages are delivered by the courier service DPD, whose price list is available on the online store's website. Delivery to a country in Europe costs between 24 and 25 euros. The company is planning campaigns using English banner ads, designed to promote its products abroad. They will also start working with fashion bloggers involved in the German market. They are not planning further investments into logistics. Products are - and still will be - packaged and sent by company employees from the warehouse in Gdańsk. The company does not currently plan to introduce new language versions of the online store.

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