International retail and wholesale stores - case studies

How to begin an expansion into foreign markets? What possible difficulties can you encounter? What is worth drawing your attention to? Owners of international IdoSell shops can answer some of your questions.

Globalization and easy access to international markets tighten the relations between countries. Consumers care less and less about where their products come from. This is why a lot of merchants decide to expand their sales into foreign markets. It is important to remember that each market has its own, unique requirements and preferences – which an on-line store must adapt to. Things like support for multiple languages, different currencies, VAT rates etc., are only a few elements that are required for international sales.

Read some of our inspiring case studies - use the experience and advice of IdoSell Shop merchants who have decided to sell internationally. Maybe they will inspire you to conquer international markets too!

I believe that people living abroad often have more money and thus, more sophisticated needs. What in Poland may be considered as something of a relatively small value, can be worth a lot for people living in different countries. Poland is a small market on a global scale, so why should we limit ourselves instead of expanding to foreign markets?

At first we used Home software and then we started using I am also very keen on Photoshop. I used to sit in in front of my computer late at night, making last graphical changes in my shop, at the same time getting to know IdoSell Shop possibilities.

Launching a store abroad is not easy, but it is also not very complicated. The biggest problems can be encountered whilst trying to implement a successful marketing strategy. It can be hard to promote your products without knowing the local market very well. You can invest a lot into building a professional store, but if you have no customers, you will get no returns.

IdoSell Shop provides all the necessary functionality to run an online wholesale store and, if required, supports new capabilities to be implemented quickly and cheaply. Together we created a platform for trade within the EU. The only limitation when working with IdoSell Shop was our own imagination… We seriously recommend their solution!

I would suggest to initially focus on growing your sales in the local market, hiring reliable staff and acquiring a stable client base, which should help keep your revenue at a satisfactory level. Only then in my opinion, as the next logical step, should you focus on expanding into other countries.

Bermuda was the most exotic location for us, but most international orders come from Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Holland. Before the political turmoil, we used to ship a lot of orders to Ukraine. Our shop supports orders to 20 EU countries, as well as many outside the continent.

Everything started with honey – my cousin infected me with passion about it. I researched the Irish market and decided it is worth getting involved in it. I started my international store with the aim to reach a bigger number of potential customers – especially fellow countrymen – who can appreciate the taste and health benefits of real honey.

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