9 March 2016

The improved full text search engine is faster and more accurate - it handles 1-character phrases significantly better (for example iPhone 6)

If among thousands of phone accessories a customer searches for an iPhone 6 phone case, the accuracy of search results is of crucial importance for conversion. Specialist products often have a model description under 3 characters, example from the mobile phone industry: "LG G4", '"Sony Xperia Z5", "iPhone 5". The same of course applies to many other business types. The new IdoSell Shop full text search engine is the perfect answer for such cases. The time needed for searching a given item will be shortened and this in turn will increase conversion rates.

Three main goals which were successfully implemented:

  1. Full support for 1-character phrases and better support for phrases under 3 characters when it comes to the speed of the search engine and accuracy of results
  2. Increased accuracy and matching of search results for phrases over 3 characters
  3. The same lightning fast search engine reaction times for the "search for full phrases" option and 4-times faster search for the searching beginnings of phrases (any ending) option

Examples of use

1-character phrases - before the change

1-character phrases were not supported - an information about the text being too short appeared

1-character phrases - after the change

1-character phrases are fully supported - the search result accurately presents accessories matching a "6" model.

The quality of results in phrases containing a 1-character keyword - before the change

Only the result of searching for "case" was presented ("6" was omitted) - thus, all kinds of cases were displayed. Please bear in mind the big number of product in search results: 2397.

The quality of results in phrases containing a 1-character keyword - after the change

Now the search result for "case 6" is more accurate and narrowed down to cases containing the"6" keyword. Number of products in search results: 398.

Technical details

Changes are related to the "search full phrases" and search beginnings of phrases (any ending) options - now even 1-character phrases are taken into consideration. The search phrase fragments option remains the same (using at least 2 characters is required).

The change will be introduced gradually or on request. Search engine reconfiguration requires restarting the server. If you would like to reconfigure the search engine in your shop right now, without waiting for the service action (the date is not specified), please send us a ticket stating that you would like to have the latest search mechanism implemented.

Note from our graphics department: to enable using 1-character also in full text search suggestions (an intelligent mechanis