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New version of the Internet Offer Format - IOF 2.6 - with increased support for strikethrough prices, product parameter contexts and product attachments is now available

IdoSell Shop internet stores can now export their product offers in a new format - IOF 2.6. The update comes with a few key improvements, such as strikethrough price and parameter context support, as well as improved handling of product parameters.

Internet Offer Format Internet Offer Format is an is an XML standard for product data exchange in IdoSell Shop online stores. As it is provided under the Creative Commons license, it can and is used in a number of external solutions. Its structure aims to provide an efficient way for exchanging data about products, prices and special parameters. We aim to develop the standard in accordance with actual requirements of the ecommerce landscape by adding only the essential elements to the base format, and creating space for additional information in the form of IOF Extensions.

What is new in IOF 2.6?

Most important changes in version 2.6 of the Internet Offer Format are:

  • added support for strikethrough prices (STP)
  • added support for product parameter contexts and values
  • improved support for product parameters (it now allows for full attachment control)

In addition to the above, IOF 2.6 comes with the following changes:

  • manufacturer code support (more control over external product codes)
  • ability to set product icons for external marketplace services as well as product icons in groups
  • ability to set the product code displayed on the product details page
  • the full.xml file contains full product size names (as text_id) which were previously available only in sizes.xml
  • product names and descriptions in full.xml are now by default generated in the receiver’s account language and the currency is tied to the default currency set in the supplier’s shop
  • single VAT rate for all prices for a given product
  • improved the way parameter section orders and values are generated

In addition to IOF 2.6 we are also releasing a new version of IAI Downloader which fully supports the new format.

The current technical specification of the Internet Offer Format is available in the developers’s section.

As per our backwards compatibility policy, support for Internet Offer Format v. 2.5 is guaranteed for the next two years. We do however recommend all new projects and updates for existing integrations incorporate the new version, 2.6.