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Enable customers with trade credit order prepayments, if they do not want or can not use their credit line

From now on, we allow customers with enabled trade credit to use the prepayment option. This way, your online store customer may not increase the credit limit and pay instantly with a fast payment, debit card, or regular transfer instead.

It might be the case that, for example, the customer does not want to increase the used credit limit and wants to pay for the order right away. There is also a situation in which the customer has already used the credit limit, and wants to fulfill another order and does not want to pay the order on receipt.

Therefore, after switching on the new functionality in the order submission process, a customer will be presented with another selection of (apart from the trade credit and cash on delivery) form of payment.

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How to enable order prepayment for customers with the trade credit

You will enable the new option in "MODERATION/Shop Behaviour Management/Placing Orders". Set the "Enable to choose prepayment for customers with trade credit" option to "yes":

In order for the prepayment option to appear for a customer with the trade credit, changes to your online store template are required.

Check what should be done in the template in order to enable prepayment option for customers with the trade credit