One Page Shop – unique, unified shopping experience

The One Page Shop (OPS) template gives you access to entirely new marketing possibilities. The template focuses customers' attention on a single, or a few products and allows them to make a purchase quickly and hassle-free. Thus, you could call it a landing page with checkout.

What should a One Page Shop do?

  • Attract customer attention within the first 30 seconds
  • Look trustworthy
  • Make it easy to buy the product

Additional One Page Shop advantages

  • Clearly expresses product uniqueness
  • Focuses customer attention on specific product
  • Offer is clearly legible
  • Promotes a single product or product variations
  • Builds customer trust and positively influences their decision making proces

Classic online store vs One Page Shop

A classic online store template is not always the best choice to focus presentation on a single, or a dedicated selection of products, because it often contains advanced menus, filters, and search capabilities or recommendations, which are perfect for navigating through thousands of products. One Page Shop on the other hand focuses on simplicity. A single landing page contains everything from product description, price, configuration options, to customer opinions. Product can be instantly added to the checkout basket. The checkout process is seamless and can be completed without reloading the entire page.

One Page Shop - no compromises

  • Sell more than one product, for example if multiple variations or packaging options are required
  • Promote an entire product collection, for example by presenting individual collection products with the option of choosing a size and colour.
  • Present multiple product variations with the configurator feature.
  • Sell personalizable products, such as wallets with custom inscriptions
  • Enable advanced options for your customers, such as the ability to upload custom graphics to be printed on a t-shirt.

Seasonal promotion for a small set of products with One Page Shop

If you already own an online store with a large assortment and predict a marketing campaign combined with a promotion for a selected product would be profitable – open a One Page Shop dedicated just for that product. All you have to do is create a subdomain and configure a One Page Shop template - you can also ask our graphic designers to do it for you.

One Page Shop template in IdoSell

A standard version of the One Page Shop template is available for free in your IdoSell administration panel.

Main features in the standard One Page Shop template

  • Clear page layout with an easy to use checkout form
  • Asynchronous checkout process allows for placing orders without reloading the page
  • Big focus on call to action (CTA) elements
  • Fully responsive design and implementation
  • Content can be managed the same way as with other IdoSell templates
  • Simple, yet powerful - you have the ability to enable advanced features, such as returns,instalments, personal collections and many more.

Check out some interesting One Page Shop implementations

Galeria gotowego szablonu (template) Standard One Page Shop (OPS)

Would you like to promote and sell a unique product? Or maybe present specific products in a clear and simple format?

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