Professional designs for every online shop - implementation packages comparison.

IdoSell offers more than other applications for conducting online sales. Within a given implementation, regardless of the selected package, you receive a professional shop functioning on the most powerful engine and the comprehensive administration panel.

This section includes a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the choice of a suitable implementation package. The chart below compares 6 implementation packages we have in our offer.

A guide to basic choice criteria


A price is often considered a basic criterion in choosing a proper implementation package. While analyzing our offer and getting in touch with our Sales Department, it is advisable to determine a maximum budget you want to invest in setting up your shop. You will receive answers to your questions and, what is more, it will enable our specialists to tailor their proposals to your needs even better. Below you can find (net) prices which should be reserved for initial payments connected with graphic design.

  • STANDARD – £0/0€
  • BASIC – 1239 USD
  • ADVANCED – 2469 USD
  • SUPREME – 7909 USD
  • BESPOKE – individual pricing

If you decide on an open-ended contract remember to add to the above listed prices, the cost of the installation fee £149 / 169€ / $219. In case of a fixed term contract the installation fee is £0 / 0€ / $0.

Implementation time

More expensive implementation packages enable our specialists to spend more time on each stage of the implementation process. Thus, your shop can have a more individual structure and functions or a more sophisticated and time-consuming graphic layout. Longer implementation time is a natural consequence of choosing a higher implementation package. Such package means more issues to work out, to consult with you and to test them. Learn more on: Implementation time.

If you wish to set up your store right away, choose a STANDARD version. BASIC and ADVANCED packages usually take only two months to implement. If you plan implementation in advance, you can consider choosing SOPHISTICATED package or higher.

Business requirements, the level of competitive shops

The environment in a business you operate in, can require higher expenditures for a shop. If you would like to compete with the quality and individual style, invest a bit more in creating a graphic layout. Modern, esthetic and stylish site is crucial if you think of selling designer womenswear:(SOPHISTICATED, SUPREME). If you sell tools or household chemicals and you compete chiefly with your price, you can choose a verified, usable shop layout with a simple, esthetic graphics (STANDARD - BASIC - ADVANCED). While making a choice, focus on the target group of your clients that you would like to reach the most. The more luxurious and expensive your products are, the more you have to spend to properly display your brand, as well as products with all their advantages.

Individual needs and your own vision

The more precise is your own concept of the shop, the higher the costs. As a brand with many years of experience, we have verified, effective and tested models for implementing a whole shop, as well as some of its modules. That is why, we can offer inexpensive BASIC and ADVANCED packages or even a free STANDARD layout. If you need an individual approach and planning a greater amount of elements in an unusual way, the necessary scope of work is higher and so are the costs and the time of implementation. In such cases, take SOPHISTICATED and SUPREME packages into consideration. If you expect a completely unique shop with atypically constructed subpages, individually adjusted check out process, dedicated solutions concerning navigation and searching (for example, a configurator) or unique dynamic effects, then you should consider our BESPOKE offer. Such implementation is recommended if you still do not know what you would like to accomplish at the end of the implementation and your vision will be shaped during consultations and projects discussed with our specialists.

Responsive website (RWD)

IdoSell enables you to ensure mobile clients service in two ways. We mention it on our website: IdoSell mobile solutions. If you plan to order a RWD shop front, take into consideration the fact that in RWD modifications of a layout and typical elements on subpages are more time-consuming (even 200% of time in comparison to a classic site). Thus, the best way of estimating costs and implementation time is to get familiar with the possibilities of given packages and to order a package which is a level higher than the one meeting your requirements. Our employees are always ready to help you and to provide you with estimated costs.

Implementation packages comparison

The following collation enables you to compare scope of work concerning graphics of your store within every implementation package. The comparison was prepared for illustration purposes only and assumes that the time included in a given implementation package will be spent on works concerning a shop front. Implementations can include many additional services such as:

  • product import,
  • client database import,
  • help in configuring supporting applications,
  • training on administration panel and shop management,
  • preparing auction templates,
  • preparing mailing templates,
  • preparing banner ads
  • encoding your own graphic designs,
  • all other works performed by our graphics department.

If apart from preparing a shop front you would like to order more additional services you can simply purchase a higher implementation package or limit your expectations concerning the very shop design. Our specialists are at your disposal – they are always ready to give you advice and prepare an estimation on each stage of implementations and the functioning of your shop.

Initial shop and panel configuration
Set of e-mail templates
Set of SMS templates
Basic META tags
Sample auction templates
Menu, banners, sample product
Individual supervisor
Logo design
Individual shop design
Individual components and functions
Individual shop layout
Untypical navigation
Functionality tests
Web browsers compatibility [?]
Usability tests
Possibility of preparing individual layouts on selected subpages (contact, basket etc.)
Number of designed pages n.a. 1 (product card) 3 (main page, products list, product card) 3 (main page, products list, product card) 5 (main page, products list, product card and two optional)
Average time spent on design preparation 0h 6h 9h 14h 20h
Total time for project completion (project, coding, testing) 0h up to 25h up to 50h up to 90h up to 160h
Price 0 £/€ 1239 USD 2469 USD 4449 USD 7909 USD

Please remember that choosing a given implementation package while setting up your store does not mean any limitations in the future – any time you can order given modifications, including a totally different shop front. Check our shop front modifications section, to learn more.