Translate your store with the Tranzapp app

The following guide will guide you step by step how to translate by yourself previously exported XLIFF file to any language. Download the file from the panel, go to and start translating your store. After translating the file, upload it to the panel in accordance with the instructions for translating the offer or the store template.

The Tranzapp application is a very easy to use and fully free tool available online. It only supports files with the XLIFF extension. Registration is not necessary, you can start translating texts at any time. The application does not have extended options, such as translator supporting a translator or autocorrect. Currently, the only additional options available are the ability to filter literals.

We recommend this type of application for the translation of smaller XLIFF files (e.g. single literals in the template, menu or products categories in the translation of the offer). With large translations, this type of tool may run slowly or not handle the XLIFF file at all. For large files and advanced translations, we recommend using Crowdin.

Other similar apps:
- (account registration is required, a fully free version is available, the application is very easy to use),
- (very easy to use application, necessary login using Twitter account to export the translation).