Facebook Pixel - an analytical tool that will help you effectively reach customers with advertising content

Facebook Pixel is an analytical add-in that allows you to monitor user activities in your store. Thanks to it, you get to know the behavior and preferences of your clients. It also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads, so you can reach a certain groupt with the ad. A Facebook Pixel is necessary if you want to use remarketing that is, targeting users who have already visited your store.

The advantages of using Facebook Pixel

  • Conversion tracking With Pixel, you can monitor the interaction and behavior of customers in your store
  • Optimizing ads Facebook Pixel is used in the dynamic ad mechanism. With it, you can increase the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Using remarketing You can show the customer a product that they have already seen in your store but did not buy it or added it to the wish list.
  • Creating customer groups With Pixel, you have the knowledge of what group of customers is interested in your products. You can create an effective advertisement or you can create an advertisement for a new group of recipients you want to obtain.

Events that you can monitor:
(Add to Cart)
(View Content)
(Add To Wishlist)
(Complete Registration)
(Customize Product)

To monitor them you need to activate their Facebook page tracking.


Facebook Pixel code is essential for the correct functioning of Facebook Products Ads integration.

In order for the Pixel Facebook code to start tracking activities performed by the customer in the store, all you have to do is enter its number in the MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS / Facebook / Facebook Product Ads and Facebook Pixel.

To get the Facebook Pixel code you need to have an active account in Manager on Facebook


For the proper functioning of integration with Facebook catalogs, it is necessary to have a Facebook Pixel code. It is necessary for you to use the dynamic ad mechanism.

If you have integration with Facebook Product Ads and you have the Facebook Pixel code entered there, you do not have to do anything more, because this code will work in both integrations. If you have not already enabled the Pixel Facebook code, you must enter its number in the MARKETING AND INTEGRATIONS / Facebook / Facebook Product Ads and Facebook Pixel.

Notice: If you've already added your own Pixel Facebook code in the past, disable it and enable code generation by IdoSell. Our code will enable you to correctly and fully integrate with the tools currently available and in the future. The code will be developed with Facebook. If you use your own code, it is highly possible that the integrations we offer will not work completely or correctly.