Google Search Console

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Google Search Console(formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Webmaster Tools is a free-from-charge service, created by one of the biggest companies in search engines business.
They allow for checking the indexing and optimization of your website visibility all over the Internet. Correct indexing influences the chance of finding your shop by using a specified key word. Rank, that you have on the results list, depends on many factors. In Google search engine the most important thing is the number of links leading to a website and the so-called PageRank. PageRank is the higher, the more links lead to a specified page, so the link from a popular site is more precious, than from a rarely visited page. Remember to place links to your shop frequently, whenever such possibility shows up. If you want quick effects, just think about buying a sponsored link in one of the most popular Internet portals - it would be also great if this portal is somehow related to your branch or industry - or commission a so-called positioning (SEO) to a specialized company.

Thanks to the Google Search Console, you are able to:

  • Check and set the indexing speed and preview the statistics. See, how the Googlebot reaches your pages. It will allow you to - among other things - check, which pages are visited by the robot most often.
  • Generate and check the robots.txt file. You can decide on your own, which pages the robot should visit. It allows to control the traffic on your website.
  • Display internal and external pages, that are linking to your website. It will allow you to control the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns and check, who is using your address.
  • Check, which key words entered in the Google search engine are displaying your website on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Such information will allow you to precisely gather key words and build descriptions on you page, so it could be more easily found on the web.
  • Check the statistics of clicks on link directing to your website. It will allow you to determine, which advertisement campaign brings better results and on what external sites you should present your offer, to earn more.
  • See the statistics of frequency, the Google indexes your website and if it finds any errors during this process. It will allow you to avoid situation, in which errors on your page will eliminate you from the Google search results.
  • Set the preferred domain, which should be displayed on SERP. Do you have multiple addresses? It is not important, which address will be more suitable. Thanks to this integration, you gain a a tool, which will allow you to display the address, that you indicated, on the search results page, even if the browser user has entered words more suitable to other of your addresses.

Configuration? The word is too much.

Would you like to build a map of your shop easily and monitor any activity on it? Nothing could be simpler. In the all you need to do is just entering username and password to the Google Webmaster Tools account and everything else will be handled by system automatically. Would you like to place the site map in the Google Webmaster Tools? You just delegate the domain and the takes care of the rest.