How are we different from our competitors?

You have dozens of different systems and platforms to choose from. Why IdoSell? Find out within a minute.

IdoSell is a solution for professionals only.

Thanks to us you can smoothly run and control even thousands of orders daily. Remember, unlike our competitors we do not offer you a solution aimed at hobbyist sellers. While the majority of competitive systems can barely take care of controlling even hundreds of orders monthly, our clients deal with thousands without any problems.

Currently we provide services for over 8500 online shops, which only in Poland sell for over 12 bn PLN (about 2,75 bln EUR), sending over 50 millions parcels per year.

Open SaaS has been the philosophy of our service for 23 years.

In our company Open SaaS is not just a mere addition to the sales script. The SaaS philosophy means a stable and safe shop platform for each and every of our clients, thus ensuring their satisfaction. It also allows us to drastically reduce the inital costs to our clients. We always aim to build a professional rapport, leading to a long-term co-operation.

We provide unlimited technical support.

In comparison to the majority of competitive offerings, we give you unlimited technical support by our numerous group of well-paid professionals. This helps our clients focus on developing their business, rather than worry about technical issues. In addition, we always use feedback from all technical support cases to improve our service for all of our clients.

We offer you a modern and versatile shop engine.

Unlike others, we take our business seriously. We offer you a modern, versatile engine in one, coherent version, over which we have full control. Each element of the system is perfectly tailored to one another. That is why, we can quickly and effectively implement new functionality and make it available to all of our clients. In turn, our customers receive faster, cheaper and better technical support, because we know exactly how our system works.

What differentiates us is our own professional webmaster team,

which provides services to our clients and turns their vision into reality. It enables fast and effective launching of a website matching client's expectations, whilst offering the highest quality. We offer a comprehensive service, not limited only to substituting a logo in a template. Best artists, webmasters, consultants, programmers and administrators, who accomplish even 1000 unique implementations a year, are at our clients' disposal during the time of cooperation. Our big, full-time team allows us to implement every order. Since we have been performing so many implementations,, we also have devices for data import, making it a fast, safe and effective process.

We have been present on the market for over 18 years.

We proved that as a small co-partnership, as well as a joint-stock company nowadays, we provide our clients with stability and certainty of operations for years, by regularly improving the quality of our services and dynamic developement. Despite the long time of our existence, we are still the technology leader introducing the biggest amount of new functionality. This makes us look at the market in a broader perspective by moderating and co-creating it. We do not follow temporary trends, we set them together with our clients.

Are you interested in a modern, responsive online store?