Shopping Lists

Your store's customers can use advanced shopping lists. It is possible for buyers to create multiple lists, share them with friends, or add both selected products from the list and entire lists to the cart.

Your store's customers can create many shopping lists, conveniently manage them, transfer products between lists and conveniently share selected lists using a link. Thanks to this, the functionality of shopping lists can be a very useful, natural marketing tool.

Most popular shopping list application:

  • Gift list - the buyer creates a list of products he would like to receive. Such a list can be easily shared with friends before celebrations such as birthdays, holidays, or even weddings. All he has to do is send a link to the list via e-mail or share it on social media.
  • Product clipboard - buyers can create "for later" lists that can be redeemed at another time or on a different device. This solution can be useful for any industry, but it will be especially appreciated by customers buying books, CDs or clothing.
  • Regularly purchased products - creating lists of regularly purchased products will be especially useful for products such as pet food or household chemicals. This is a great convenience for regular customers who regularly return to the store to buy the same products.