Professional design for on-line store - FAQ

Do you have any questions? Is something not clear? Before you call, read answers to frequently asked questions about graphics and on-line store design.

I already have an on-line store based on the software. Is the Graphics Department at my disposal? Can I order any additional works to modify the already existing design?

Yes, of course!

As a client you can order any modifications to on-line store mask. Our Graphics Department - a team of the most experienced designers and graphics developers - is willing to do additional works* for you, i.e.:

  • design of graphics elements, e.g. buttons, banners, ads,
  • modification of already existing design,
  • new logo,
  • Internet auctions template,
  • business cards,
  • a completely new design etc.

Prices for our Graphics Department services are detailed in our price list, so you can easily control your spendings.

Rest assured, when ordering additional works from, they are carried out professionally, inexpensively and on schedule.

we reserve the right to refuse fulfilling some of those orders without giving an explanation.

Can I order a shop without graphics?

Yes, it is possible to order a shop without graphics. This, however, does not mean that the graphics in general will not be present at all or some standard graphics will be copied to its layout. The option of ordering the shop without graphics means that you need to organize them by yourself, i.e. by commissioning the shop design project to another company. If you do not have graphic designer who will properly prepare the detailed shop design in 1:1 scale, with appropriate visuals, you can always order a shop project from

When ordering shop - without design prepared by the - the implementation fee will be reduced by the preparation of graphics component, which depends on the implementation variant.

Can I order any changes to subpages layouts?

You can order modifications at any time. For example, if you purchased the BASIC graphics and you wish to change arrangement of particular components or install completely new features, we will do these modifications with pleasure.

There is no risk of bad influence on your on-line store's performance - thanks to innovative technology the mask and system core are totally independent processes. Mask modification does not interfere with the shop's current work. In addition, we will not remove any components necessary to shop's correct work.

Thanks to clearly defined rules, expenditure control is easier than you think.

If you are planning to order a lot of modifications, maybe you should consider a complete redesign - even change to a more advanced graphics variant.

Can I change shop version to higher one in already existing shop (i.e. I ordered BASIC and I wish to switch to SOPHISTICATED after some time)?

Graphic variant does not mean a rigid classification of your store to a specific pattern. Graphic package is simply designated number of hours in which it is possible to prepare the shop mask - more stencil or more individual in it's appearance and functions. At any time, even long time after sale conduct, you can order a whole new mask for your shop, buying for this purpose any of our graphic variants. You can also commission us to a partially change or update the store mask as the order settled on the real-time basis.

How can I add, remove and modify components of shop mask?

Any time you can order any modifications to on-line store mask.

We give you a constant opportunity to add completely new components, change (update) already existing ones or remove unnecessary features.

All modifications can be easily ordered and consulted with us. Rest assured, on-line store mask will lose nothing on it's stability (we do not remove elements which may damage a shop functionality - even if you order us to remove them, we will inform you about bad influence of this decision). Price of such services are individually calculated according to rates detailed in our Price List. A main criteria for pricing is time necessary for their implementation. Do not be afraid that you will lose control on expenditures - check how easily is to control spending with

What exactly is a redesign of an on-line store mask and how can I perform this operation?

Redesign is preparing a new graphic design from scratch. Redesign can be used to completely change the shop graphics or just refresh it's appearance. This order type is almost the same as the first store implementation, so you can choose any of the graphic packages and give us guidelines in proper proportion to the amount of hours in package.
You can order a redesign of on-line store mask at anytime.

Redesign is a completely new on-line store mask implementation process - in one of our graphics variants.

When signing up for a fixed term contract, we do not charge you an activation fee, which is charged when ordering a new on-line store.

The most common situations when a redesign is performed:

  • change to completely new assortment,
  • a need for on-line store design refreshment shows up,
  • adding many components - all at once.

To order a redesign service, please post a request via ticket system to our Graphics Department.

I wish to order additional on-line store - what are the conditions of implementation and costs of subscription plans?

If you already have an on-line store, you can order any number of on-line stores at any time. You can request for such a service via our Ticketing System - just post a ticket to our Sales Department.

Below, we described how and when to open a new on-line store.

1. If the new on-line store should be installed to the same, already existing Administration Panel...

Installation of the additional shop to an existing Administration Panel is - in most of cases - the best option. Thanks to this feature, it is easy to manage both on-line stores from one place. You can manage stock of both on-line stores, prepare printing documents, receive and register payments, record all sales affairs - all this via one Administration Panel. Even if assortment of both on-line stores is completely different, it is worth to operate both stores from one place. The supports this kind of solution, so do not be afraid of inconvenient management.

PRICES - SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - INSTALLATION: installation fee for additional on-line store is 25GBP / 29EUR net - instead of standard 149GBP / 169EUR net. We do not impose you to pay additional subscription fee - you pay only monthly fee of 8GBP / 9EUR net. Remember, when you have more than one on-line store, subscription plan data limits are shared between all stores - number of dynamic page views, traffic size on server, products quantities etc.

2. If the new on-line store should be separately managed via new Administration Panel...

If you wish your new on-line store to be managed separately, i.e. by independent branch of your company, you can order an installation of both the new on-line store and Administration Panel.

PRICES - SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - INSTALLATION: in this case, we charge standard fees - you pay full activation fee of 149GBP / 169EUR net and monthly subscription plan fees.

3. If the new on-line store will be very similar to the existing one...

We can copy a mask of already existing on-line store, if you wish your new shop to be very similar to it, i.e. differences only in background color, a new logo etc. Of course, we can perform any necessary works. It is a very good and cheap solution, but only if you assume that a new store should be very similar to the old one. Otherwise, this option will be more expensive than ordering a completely new implementation in one of our available graphics variants. Remember, in some cases, even a small change made to shop layout may impose a lot of necessary work. So if you are planning modifications which are more than cosmetic works, please choose another solution presented in the next point.

PRICES - SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - INSTALLATION: thanks to duplication process of existing on-line store mask, cost of such works may close down in a few hours of the Graphics Department work. We do not charge any implementation fees. Cost will be calculated on the basis of time spent on duplication and modification works.

4. If the new on-line store should be completely different than the existing one...

If you wish for new layouts, new themes and navigation features, more profitable option is to order a new graphics variant:

Work-hours included in graphics variant are cheaper than ordered as a additional works. So, if the new on-line store has to be different than already existing one - order a new graphics variant. Rest assured, you save a lot of money.

If you have an own shop design project (ready for coding, completely prepared design) all work-hours included in price will be used for coding.

PRICES - SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - INSTALLATION: when ordering a new graphics variant, you pay standard fees - see our Price List.

Example prices of additional stores:

1. Additional on-line store with ADVANCED graphics, similar design to the existing one, management via one Administration Panel:

  • installation fee: 25GBP / 29EUR net,
  • design: 5 work-hours performed by Graphics Department - 150GBP / 175EUR net (example price - depends on scale of modification works),
  • total cost: 175GBP / 204EUR net.

2. Additional on-line store with BASIC graphics, different than the existing one, management via single Administration Panel:

  • installation fee: 25GBP / 29EUR net,
  • design: according to price list - 475GBP / 559EUR net,
  • total cost: 500GBP / 588EUR net.

3. Additional on-line store with SOPHISTICATED graphics, different than the existing one, management via another Administration Panel:

  • installation fee: 149GBP / 169EUR net
  • design: according to price list - 1599GBP / 1839EUR net,
  • total cost: 1748GBP / 2008EUR net.

4. Additional on-line store at facebook with STANDARD graphics, management via one Administration Panel:

  • installation fee: 25GBP / 29EUR net,
  • design: 0 GBP/EUR net,
  • total cost: 25GBP / 29EUR net.

Is it possible to remove Powered by label from my on-line store?

We can remove, modify a color and size of the Powered by logo. This service is called White-Label and is detailed in our price list.

That label is always located in projects of on-line store design. If you prepare own graphics project, you should place that label. If you forget, we will do it automatically during the coding process. Of course, we choose the most appropriate location in entire layout by ourselves.

The Powered by logo informs who is responsible for shop technical support. Our label is well-known and will let your customers feel a sense of comfort - they buy at trusted on-line store. That label also informs that owner of the on-line store is a real company, with no financial problems (we block shops which owners are not solvent). That label is a veritable advantage increasing confidence in your business.

This case is also detailed in terms and conditions of White-Label service.

Is it possible to order a unique top and logo when I had decided on the STANDARD graphics variant? If I have a STANDARD on-line store, do I have to prepare all graphics on my own?

The STANDARD on-line store mask has been developed for those who primarily attach great notice to functionality - i.e. when wholesalers and Internet auctions are primary targets - and features which are more important than design. When you order the STANDARD variant, we install an on-line store from standard template with prepared top graphics and logo. You can freely change those elements via the Administration Panel.

When you decided on the STANDARD graphics variant, it does not mean that additional modifications (design customization) are not available for you. You can order any modifications to on-line store mask - the same rules - as to the more advanced graphics variants - apply. You can always order a project of an unique logo (with full license) or top graphics. Another group of frequently performed works are: Internet auctions templates (eBay).

May I wish for everything when ordering the SOPHISTICATED variant? Are there any restrictions for these variants? What more can I get?

The SOPHISTICATED variant does not differ from other variants (BASIC and ADVANCED) by any magical capabilities. Main difference is about 50% more work-time (in comparison to the ADVANCED variant) available to spend by our Graphics Department for designing and coding. The SOPHISTICATED variant includes 60 hours. In comparison, the ADVANCED includes 35 hours.

More work-time means more interesting features and visual effects:

  • more advanced design;
  • more adjusted navigation feature for displaying wide range of products;
  • implementation of extra elements, i.e. product comparison feature, subpage with gifts;
  • more advanced gallery;
  • implementation of return from auction page;
  • implementation of extra graphics elements, i.e. DHTML on start page or in menu.

Please note that these features do not include activities which are innovative. Yes, we can put minor changes into logical architecture of the system, but it is not possible to implement more complicated and innovative elements - within time budget of graphics variant.

When we implement an on-line store, we focus mainly on:

1. Installation of on-line store;
2. Creating a design project;
3. Coding of on-line store mask;
4. Help and assist during configuration of on-line store and Administration Panel;
5. Import (if it is possible) of all products from previous on-line store;
6. Testing the on-line store mask and eliminating all detected errors.

All innovative features, adding products to the Administration Panel and further changes to on-line store mask may be implemented individually. We offer additional service works, so you can order them at any time. After clear payment, we create a task and put it to the queue. Choosing the SOPHISTICATED or SUPREME variant does not mean that we right now and for free do anything you want.

Please, see example projects implemented in the SOPHISTICATED and SUPREME variants.

Is it possible to order a unique design for the STANDARD on-line store? How much is it?

The STANDARD on-line store mask has been created for every kind of sale. This mask is well-tested, aesthetic, fully functional and universal. At any time you can change the logo, banners, buttons, links and names on menu bar, or change the entire top graphics. But it is not possible to change entire design of navigation features.

These changes are available in the BASIC, ADVANCED, SOPHISTICATED and SUPREME graphics variants. Of course, you can always order additional service works. Every STANDARD on-line store may be equipped with on-line store mask implemented in more advanced graphics variant. Price is always the same - no matter whether you order shop mask to existing STANDARD store or you order more advanced variant at the very beginning.

If you want to instantly (within 1 day) start to sell, you can order the STANDARD on-line store with provided standard graphics. Then you can order more advanced graphics variant and sell while waiting for design.

Changing on-line store mask does not affect the continuity of services and there is no danger of losing any information. This is possible thanks to the unique technology - on-line store mask works independently from system core.

What if project prepared by the Graphics Department will not meet my requirements?

We are experienced in working with on-line store projects. So far, we have implemented more than 1000 of them, and this number still grows. Problem with time needed to prepare a project occurs in less than 3% of implementations.

If a client gives us clearly defined requirements, there is no possibility to make any mistakes. Problem occurs when client says "do anything you want" (then, we define requirements and create an entire project) and next it appears that client had expectations but he couldn't verbalize them. Of course, if client changes his mind too often, problem will occur to.

If design project will be completely disappointing or we will not meet client's requirements specified earlier, then we do another project using time included in purchased graphics variant. If client changes his mind on and on and sends us too many remarks on similar changes, then we agree - with client - upon all final changes or we propose additional service works.