Online store implementation guidebooks for different business branches

In this section you can find information about the most important functions which a shop selling specific products should have. This section also includes advices concerning implementation budget, as well as necessary supporting applications.

Make use of our many years of experience in implementing online shops with a diverse assortment. In this section we have compiled the most important functions, website elements, supporting applications and advices about shop configuration in business branches that are characterized by specific requirements.

If you are wondering:

  • what functions and elements should be implemented,
  • what mechanisms can be skipped,
  • what is worth investing time and money,
  • how to prepare guidelines for a graphic designer and describe your needs,

check out our tips for selected business branches.

If your business is not listed below and you need professional advice or help in selecting a proper implementation package and tools from our offer, contact us. Our sales and implementation specialists will provide you with information you need.

Online pharmacy

Shoe shop

Clothing shop