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Your online store always complies with the law - new changes in cookie consent

Compliance with internet privacy and cookie laws is a key part of running an online store. At IdoSell, we make sure that your online store is always up-to-date in terms of the law. Therefore, we are introducing more news and improvements to the regulations module.

Your online store always complies with the law - new changes in cookie consent

Cookies in IdoSell's online stores

The cookie consent we have prepared for IdoSell online stores is not only a response to changing legislation, but also a guarantee that your store complies with the laws of the European Union.

Our solution is also the most advanced and customizable cookie consent within SaaS solutions. We give you full control over consent management while ensuring security and compliance.

Importantly, the use of our prepared cookie consents does not require you to pay any additional fees. As a result, you do not need to implement costly third-party solutions.

New, horizontal cookie consent display mode

We have introduced an additional display mode for "active - advanced" consent. From now on, in the module configuration, you can use the horizontal consent display mode, which covers the device screen less, providing the user with more comfort while browsing your store.

Additional configuration of the "I confirm necessary" button (formerly "Reject All")

The new option allows you to control whether to display a "I confirm necessary" button on the consent. Displaying the "I confirm necessary" button encourages the user to accept only necessary cookies, which is less abusive when a customer visiting the store only has the choice of accepting all consents, or has to configure them themselves.

For this reason, it is not recommended to hide this button, nevertheless, at the request of our merchants, we have added such an option that can be used in non-standard business situations.

In addition, we have also made changes in naming. The option in the module configuration, which was previously called "Text on the button rejecting all consents," is now called "Text on the button confirming necessary consents."

Conscious management of your consents

We care about user awareness, so we added a "Manage cookies" link in the latest revision of the STANDARD template. It allows users to call up the cookie consent window again, allowing them to change their preferences at any time. This is an important part of compliance with current legislation.

Cookie consent preview

The new cookie consent preview in your store template gives you full control over how it looks on your site before activation. You can customize its appearance to match the color style of your store, and thus ensure aesthetic consistency in your store. In the default version, the consent automatically adapts to the template's applied color style. Any other changes may require more advanced work, which you can outsource to our graphics department.

Withdraw the mode of displaying consent to cookies "active - simple"

As the use of the "active-simple" cookie consent display mode is increasingly recognized by EU courts and regulators as an incorrect implementation of the law, we have planned to withdraw it.

As a reminder, the "active-simple" mode is that the user accepts all consents, and in case of refusal is withdrawn from the site. This is a very abusive action, so we have decided to withdraw it.

As of January 2, in 2024, this mode will no longer be available. If for some reason it is enabled in your store and you do not change it by then, we will automatically change the cookie consent display mode to "active - advanced".

You are already encouraged to change your cookie consent display mode to "active - advanced", which complies with current laws across the EU. Once you change the display mode, returning to the withdrawn "active - simple" will no longer be possible.

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