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You can prepare "offers for a given customer" as separate store views

Do you want to present your customers only to the selected product range, e.g. when dealing with institutional or wholesale customers such as large retail chains? From now on, for each customer you can narrow the visibility of offer only to those products for which you have prepared negotiated prices for the customer.

Until now, it was possible to limit purchase only to those products, for which the customer had a manually set (negotiated) price. Today, we go a step further and give the opportunity to present the offer including products with a manually set (negotiated) price only.

Thanks to the new option, you can prepare a separate offer for each customer. Thus, if, for example, you prepare products for individual orders, you can place such an offer in the store and show it to the selected customer only. Using the new option, each customer will see only the product prepared them, tailored to their needs.

The new option is called "Limit product display to the ones, for which a customer has a price set manually (negotiated price)" and is set up on the customer's tab in the administrative panel.

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This is another option dedicated to online wholesalers and B2B stores. Recently, we have introduced an option [/en/shop/blog/we-allow-you-to-issue-invoices-with-separate-buyer-and-payer-data-this-solution-will-be-perfect-for-orders-submitted-by-budget-units-1235326064 to issue invoices with separate buyer and payer data].

We are already working on new features about which we will notify you soon.