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Webhooks are live! Check out this new, efficient way of integrating any external application with IdoSell Shop

Webhooks are an effective communication method for online applications that let you send requests to an arbitrary URL whenever certain events occur in a shop, e.g. an order is made, the basket is edited, a customer registers, etc. The target system will get notified automatically which eliminates the need for polling the shop API directly to find out about any changes. This feature is one of many we implemented as part of our Open System as a Service philosophy.

how they work: webhooks - Webhooks infographics

We enabled webhooks to be configured for the following events. The list will grow as we receive more ideas from interested developers:

  • customer login
  • customer registration
  • customer account data edit
  • product added to the basket
  • basket edit
  • placing an order
  • order details edit
  • order shipping
  • order cancellation
  • email newsletter subscription status change
  • sms newsletter subscription status change

If after being triggered a webhook does not receive a response from the target system, it will be triggered again up to 10 more times over a span of 3 days.

Webhooks are a great alternative for integrations relying on continuous API polling

Communicating via the API usually means a store is continuously polled with requests from external applications which aim to detect whether certain events have taken place. This can lead to unnecessary loads on the server, especially if there are multiple instances of such integrations present in a single store. Trying to solve the issue by reducing the number of requests can in turn lead to synchronization issues on the target system, etc.

Webhooks are an obvious solution in such scenarios – target systems are instantly notified of certain events by 'push messages'. This completely removes the need to periodically poll shops with API requests and improves the overall integration performance.

Find out more information and check out some examples on:

Webhooks for efficient integration with external systems