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We will optimize product photos and icons better in terms of their quality and weight

Soon all uploaded product photos and icons will be more optimal by weight while maintaining a higher quality. All thanks to the change of the algorithm that is used to process photos in IdoSell Shop stores. Picture processing will be done by a dedicated, advanced system that we have built in order to introduce the best possible technologies and constantly update them for new image processing capabilities.

IdoSell Shop enables efficient managing of large image resources. Until now, we have been using generally available technologies to zoom out photos. Unfortunately, the results of the previous mechanisms have generated photos that are of lower quality than we would expect or weighting more than those generated, for example, from Adobe Photoshop. And good photo optimization not only ensures faster loading of store pages, especially on mobile devices, but also improves the assessment by Google algorithms.

To solve this problem comprehensively and ultimately to ensure the optimization of all graphics, we have built a service dedicated solely to photo optimization. We based it both on specialized libraries and our own solutions, resulting in very advanced image processing capabilities. One of the "side effects" is not loading the images on customer servers. Optimization of graphics concerns not only photos that have been uploaded, but also those that have already been uploaded so far. Therefore, you do not have to do anything, and our system in the background will optimize all photos in your store panel.

Thanks to these changes, your store will work better on mobile devices and achieve even better results in Google Page Speed ​​Insights. The results will be even better if you enable page generation acceleration, which will definitely translate into your sales.

The new mechanism will be successively launched for individual clients and by the end of July should cover all panels in the IdoSell Shop system.