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We support Enhanced Ecommerce - improved Google Analytics statistics, dedicated for online stores

Enhanced Ecommerce is an extension of Google Analytics, allowing for in-depth analysis of customer behavior. The integration lets you gather information, as well as track and analyze customer behavior in your online store - all thanks to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce extension, dedicated for ecommerce industry.

What do I gain by using Enhanced Ecommerce?

Thanks to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce extension dedicated for ecommerce, you can for example analyze the checkout process, where you will see on which steps your customers resign from placing orders. For example, if a large number of customers resign from placing the order on the first step, (they do not proceed to the second step), it may be a sign that something does not work properly at the initial stage.

In such a situation, you can opt to perform A/B tests to see whether a different page layout works better. You can also try to convince customers to complete orders by using e-mail remarketing.

The above example is just one of many capabilities of Enhanced Ecommerce. In addition to analyzing the ordering process, thanks to Enhanced Ecommerce you can also learn about:

  • Total number of refunds for all transactions with details broken down to individual orders
  • Total revenue for each product, so that you will be able to easily identify the most popular products, and in turn achieve the biggest profits
  • The number of orders with discount codes along with a list of used codes

This is not the end of good news. To learn more about all features of Enhanced Ecommerce, please visit our website dedicated to Google Analytics. Here you will find how to activate this tracking mode in the IdoSell Shop panel and the Google Analytics panel.

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