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We provide the opportunity to resume a closed Allegro auction with the same auction number

You can now resume finished auctions on Allegro from the IdoSell Shop panel without losing its Allegro number, and thus without losing its popularity and link to the offer. Display the product again without losing its popularity on Allegro.

So far, you could automatically resume the auction from the IdoSell Shop panel, however, the resumed auction had in a different auction number in Allegro, than the previously completed auction. In addition, if you resumed the finished auction with the same number on the Allegro side, you did not update its status in the IdoSell Shop panel. At the moment you can resume the finished auction with the same auction number that previously listed one both from the panel of your store and from the Allegro panel.

Thanks to resuming auction with the same auction number, you can leave only those items with the stock level on the Allegro list. If you run out of the in stock, you can end the auction and then resume it again when you receive the products for the warehouse and then it will be available again. In this way, you can flexibly manage the status of your products on Allegro.

Using the new method of resuming, you will not lose the popularity of the given auction, and if, for example, someone has added your listing to favorites, then they will be able to make a purchase at a later time as soon as you have available products in stock.

If you use the resume schedule, it will work as before, i.e. after the auction ends, the auction will be resumed with the new listing number.

At the moment, we offer manual resumption of auctions from the level of the Auction Group Edit and support for resuming performed in the Allegro panel. We plan to work on automatic resumptions of offers with the same auction number in Allegro.

A reminder of Allegro's time limits regarding resuming auctions

Currently, in order to resume the auction with the same number on Allegro, you must do it within 60 days of its completion. After this time, it is transferred to the Allegro Archive.

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