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We prepared a new special page with information that your store has a dedicated mobile app

The new page is an addition to the existing address, which was previously only used for redirecting customers to an appropriate mobile app store. The short address is dedicated mainly for triggered text messages. A customer receiving a text message with the link to your store is redirected to the appropriate app store to download your store's app. The new special page is presented as a result of address being accessed from a computer (not a mobile device).

After visiting on a computer, because it is recognised as a non-mobile device, instead of redirecting to an app store, customers will now be redirected to the CMS page with links to individual app stores:

Our dedicated app for your tablet or smartphone

If an e-mail is opened on a mobile device, the existing behaviour does not change - we will detect which system is installed on the smartphone and direct the customer to the appropriate app store.

Note: The link to the mobile app can be placed in an e-mail template by using the [IAI: APP_URL] variable

Where can I find this new CMS page and can I edit its content?

You can edit the page yourself in MODERATION / Own subpages (CMS) / Company pages / Our dedicated app for your tablet or smartphone.

Is the site immediately visible in the store?

Yes. If you have the mobile app, redirecting from the app download link will work immediately and will redirect the customer to the CMS page. You can also link any menu item or an advertising banner to this page to encourage your customers to install the app.

If you do not have a smartphone app dedicated for your online store, the page will be visible in the Administration Panel but will be hidden in the store.

If you want to share a dedicated mobile app with your customers, contact our graphics department to learn more about the Supreme implementation package and BESPOKE OFFER. When the app is ready, simply change the visibility of the CMS site.