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We now provide a fully automated management of the quantity of products available on online listings

We have expanded the management options of shop listings by allowing for the quantity of products available on standard and variation listings to be increased automatically. As a result, together with the ability to lower product quantities and end listings, you have a complete tool for automatic sales on eBay and Allegro.

We introduced a function that will automatically update the available product quantity after each successful sale, based on IdoSell Shop stock levels. The change will take effect for both eBay and Allegro, and applies to both shop and traditional listings. We also support all categories, including those with multiple sizes within a listing (e.g. shoes).

So far, IdoSell Shop enabled automatic reduction of product quantity for standard listings. After adding the support for variation listings for eBay and multiple-size listings for Allegro, it is time to expand the automatic management capabilities of product quantities.

In addition to increasing the quantity, you can still use the previously available options of reducing the number available products on a listing (after in store purchases) and ending the listing (in case of stock level exhaustion). Thus, you have a comprehensive tool at your disposal which enables efficient handling of changes in quantities of products available on listings.

If you are already using automatic management, you do not have to make any changes in the panel. When your customers make a purchase on a listing, IdoSell Shop will automatically increase product numbers to the initial quantity. However, if you are updating quantities manually, the appropriate list can be found in (SALES / Online auctions / Managing reservations and product availability on listings / Ending listings and reducing quantity of products available on listings).

For more information about the integration of IdoSell Shop with marketplaces see: Integration with Allegro and eBay.