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We introduce the ability to choose the link structure in your online store

Positioning has always been a crucial topic for us. No less important is the freedom of choice, allowing you enable various shop functionalities through the so-called Open SaaS ™, to similar extent as in Open Source systems. After the introduction of the ability to make any changes in the HTML code, or even to customize any ordering process (so-called COP), basically only the link structure in the online store had to be constant. Now we have changed it. You can choose one of the predefined address structures, or even order building your own.

When we started the project, we looked at what structure of links was most often expected by customers, when they wanted to change our link structure.

Conclusions from the analysis and suggestions from the best specialists in the SEO industry of online stores, i.e. Traffic Trends allowed us to become more flexible in terms of SEO. And thus we created ready-made, predefined schemes entirely in SSL].

At the same time, it is worth bearing in mind that possible change of URLs should always be preceded by in-depth analysis or consultation with a professional SEO agency e.g.Traffic Trends.

In accordance with the applicable standards, we have based our solution on a language catalog of the website and the use of the so-called catalog for the page type (e.g. for the product it is the "products" catalog):

Thanks to this change, multilingual websites can be better indexed by a Google robot, because the beginning of an address can always be assigned to a given language. New addresses simply look better.

Example of a new product link:

Example of a new menu link:

Technical note: Some templates, especially those created in the past, may have the addresses entered in the template code itself. Therefore, first make sure your store's template meets the relevant requirements:

This new feature will be able to use safely soon in the newest STANDARD templates and individual templates being currently created.

Of course, our system will understand all addresses. When changing the linking structure, it will take care of automatic redirection (so-called 301) of all addresses, ensuring the elimination of the duplicate content effect.

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Set an individual structure of friendly links with us

We have also prepared our mechanism so that almost any structure of friendly links can be used, for example in the product name keywords taken from product category, or parameters will appear.

If you have a different need for link structure in your store, there is a good chance that we can upload the appropriate structure only to your store, while maintaining all functions and correct operation, including free and automatic updates of the entire system. Contact our support department.

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