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We increase the level of the administration panel access security by introducing additional rights for managing product prices and panel users

We have extended the Products user right with the ability to enable / disable product price management. We have also modified the access right to panel user management for users with Admin rights. Now only users with Chief rights have such an access. Thanks to that you can define access rights for your employees or external companies to particular IdoSell Shop panel elements more precisely.

Panel users can change e.g. product descriptions, but not their prices

Previously if the Products right of panel users was enabled, it gave a full access to the Products section in the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

After the change, you enable/disable the price management option. Thanks to that, a user with access to the Products section can have the ability to view and edit product prices disabled.

Changing access rights works both for administration panel and API (does not concern accessing information through the getOrders method).

After this change, the Price management right is enabled by default for all panel users with the Products right enabled.

Ability to manage administration panel users is now available only for users with the Chief role

Previously, if a user had the Admin role, they could access the whole Administration section, including creating new accounts, or changing rights (even their own rights). We decided to change this by separating the access to Administration / Panel users management section, so only users with the Chief role can now have the access (Advanced settings role does not enable turning a new right on).

You can now e.g. easily revoke the right to preview and edit IdoSell Shop administration panel users for a person managing your online shop settings. What is more, such a person will have full access to remaining settings in the Administration section.

Panel users who previously had the Admin role, now have the Chief role.

Of course we recommend verifying the roles and rights of your administration panel users and adjusting them to newly introduced changes..

Learn more about user settings in our security FAQ