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We have extended the restriction on changing order statuses from ''canceled'', ''false'', ''lost'' and offer the ability to create a new order on their basis

We are trying to introduce order to current scenarios to make our ecosystem more stable and intuitive. Thus, basing our previous experience with blocking the ability to change statuses for handled orders, we are introducing the restriction for orders with canceled, false or lost statuses.

The restriction on changing statuses for canceled, false or lost orders

Previously we treated handled orders (sent and collected statuses) as closed, where no changes could be introduced. It is important for maintaining logical warehouse management, as well as the shopping process (e.g. returns and complaints). It also applied to orders with canceled, false or lost statuses, which indicate completing some stage of the order handling process. Thus, now we introduced the restriction on changing canceled, false or lost statuses:

Creating a new order on the basis of the order with a status which restricts its change

Yet, we are aware that there might be situations, when a customer changes their mind more than once and wants to finally receive the order. Thus, we wanted to have a solution for such situations – a new option enabling you to create a new order on the basis of the one with the restricted status change.

You can find it in After-sales operations and process newly-created orders just like any other order:

After choosing the option indicated above, you will receive information on a new order number. The history of old and new order will include information about performed operations:

The ability to create a new order is also available for orders with the following statuses: canceled, false, lost, handled (sent / picked) and merged.