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We have expanded Web Push to display full notification content not only for newsletters, but also for triggered and transaction messages

Web Push is a notification presented in the browser window in which you can present a small amount of text next to the image. After clicking on such a notification for the newsletter, we showed its preview in the browser, but for other Web Push messages it was not possible. From now on you can let your customers view the full content of a transactional or triggered message right away. In addition, for transactional messages we have added the option of setting the Web Push notification validity time.

Web Push, as an additional information channel can be used to send newsletters, transactional and triggered messages. After clicking on the Web Push notification about sending a newsletter, customers were presented a preview of the entire newsletter in the browser. After receiving such a notification informing, e.g. about changing the status of the order, it was possible to close it or direct the reader to the indicated URL address.

From now on it is possible to present in the browser the preview of full content also for triggered and transactional messages. This means that after receiving the sample Web Pushmessage about changing the order status, after clicking on the store's website, a preview of the full content of such a message may be presented.

Example information using Web Push notification with the full e-mail preview enabled may look like this:

How do you enable previewing of message content after clicking on the Web Push notification?

Apart to the After clicking on the notification option, we have added a new one, content of an e-mail displayed on a shop domain , which will present the content preview in the browser.

For unconfigured (and therefore disabled) Web Push notifications for a given message, the "content of an e-mail displayed on a shop domain" option is selected by default.

We enable you to specify the time of validity of individual Web Push notifications also for transactional messages

For transactional messages, similarly for triggered messages and newsletters, we have added the option of setting the notification validity period of a Web Push notification. The new option "Web Push notification is valid for" may be found in every transactional message template.

The validity of the notification can be set from 1 to 30 days, where the default period is 1 day. Until now, the notification validity for a transaction message has been fixed for 15 minutes. Thanks to this change, you can decide which notifications should have longer validity - e.g. information about placing an order can be set the validity for 1 day, while information about the order shipment can be set a longer validity, e.g. 4 days.

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