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We have created a multilingual offer management system for translators

If you want or operate internationally, it is necessary to prepare a translation of product descriptions and related modules. Until now, to translate product descriptions and related modules, you had to give the access to the product base management and the translator had to be careful not to, for example, change an important element, i.e. np. related with categories. There was also a lack of clear division of rights to particular languages. In practice, our clients had to develop procedures for cooperation with translators and create auxiliary systems that collected translations. This was not conducive to speed, safety and quality. To speed up opening a multilingual store for our customers and to improve the quality of translations, making it easier to control the process of posting and updating the offer, based on our own experience in preparing systems for different languages, and in cooperation with translators, we have created a dedicated module for managing offer translations.

In order to ensure security during the third-party access to the offer translation module, we have added a new permission on the user's account that allows translators or SEO agencies to provide only a text translation tool. You can provide access only to selected languages, thanks to which users of different languages ​​will not overwrite their work.

If you do not want to share your account in the shop panel, you will need to export the texts to the XLIFF (XML) / CSV file and then send them to the translator. After receiving the file with translated texts, upload it via a web tool for translating the offer. On the main screen of the tool you will see the percentage change of translated texts in a given language in a given module.

Downloading and uploading texts is possible from the following modules: products, menus, categories, producers, sizes, warranties, units of measurement, series, size chart and parameters. The module does not manage the translation of the shop template, messages, terms and conditions, etc. We assumed that these elements are explained once or when updating the store template and existing solutions based on export to ICF file are enough. These types of files can be easily imported into the translation system and managed by the translation process. That is why the module was deliberately limited to managing the offer.

We also took care of the support to control the translation process during the changes. If someone changes something, e.g. in the menu or description of the product in Polish, the translation consistency control module will support the translator in capturing these differences. During the export, they can download literals, only those that need to be checked or translated. Thus, the whole work has become much cheaper and simpler, and most importantly, at the end, resulting in a store of a higher quality.

Offer translation

Is it only necessary to translate product descriptions and related modules to run a store on the foreign market?

The store is not only the data on the product tab but, above all, the appearance of the store defined by the template. It must be tailored to the needs of the market. To translate the template, download the template file to be translated from the panel and the file with graphics according to the instructions on the company website.

Remember that entering a new foreign market always requires adjusting the rules and privacy policy of the store to the prevailing legal provisions.


The location of the tools for translating product descriptions and related modules can be found in the panel - Products / Offer translations.

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