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We have added pay-by-link payment refunds to IdoPay. Now IdoPay allows refund from any form of payment

We have provided free pay-by-link payments refunds in IdoPay performed directly from the administration panel. After adding this highly anticipated feature, IdoPay already supports refunds of any payment form - pay-by-link, BLIK, card payments and PayPo.

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IdoPay payments system now allows you to perform refunds (aka cash back) on payments made with a pay-by-link (which is a very popular payment method in Poland), both from the level of the order and from the level of returns and complaints, directly to the bank account with a single click. To perform a refund from a pay-by-link transaction via IdoPay, simply go to the edit tab of your order, return or complaint and click on the [make an automatic refund] link next to the payment you wish to refund. You can also make partial refunds.

The amount of the refund will be transferred from your accumulated funds from the payments directly to the customer's bank account from our account, at no additional charge. You can make a refund anytime, even if you have not accumulated enough funds at the moment. It will be pending until you receive further funds from your orders, from any payment method offered by IdoPay.

If you are not yet using the IdoPay payment system, you can enable it at any time with a single click, without signing any additional agreements or going through any additional verifications. All forms of payments: pay-by-links, BLIK, PayPo, card payments (including Apple Pay and soon Google Pay) already allows direct refunds from the IdoSell panel.

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