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We have added a number of new tools and improvements to the new WYSIWYG editor

We have significantly improved the so called new WYSIWYG editor, whose task is to create code in a similar way to Allegro, i.e. based on ready-made sections. Thanks to this, the content is responsive and correctly displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. The first version was released last year. You sent us a number of comments and on this basis we added many new tools and improvements to the WYSIWYG editor.

We have added new tools and extended the functionality of existing ones

  • We have extended the ability to edit photos. Now you can resize the photo, add alt/title and link to the photo without editing the HTML code.
  • We've added the ability to tag paragraphs, and thus select the appropriate headers in HTML.
  • We added an option to create tables simply and quickly.
  • We added an option to clear formatting, which is useful when pasting text from another source / document.
  • We added "non-breaking space" which helps to avoid mistakes of leaving conjunctions at the end of the line.

We have improved the editor's performance

  • Now adding a link to a video works not only for YouTube, but also for Vimeo. Also, we've improved handling of parameters from the video link, which are no longer truncated.
  • We have improved presentation of inline styles and solved problem with too small margins between photo and text.
  • We eliminated the bug that occurred when selecting text with the left mouse button the view jumped to the very beginning.
  • And we made many other improvements that make working with the editor more enjoyable.

Where in the IdoSell panel can I use the new WYSIWYG editor?

We remind you that you can use the new editor in the following modules:

  • own subpages (CMS)
  • blog entries
  • news entries
  • content edition for e-mail newsletters

More information about the editor itself and the reasons why we introduced it (including achieving full responsiveness by generating appropriate HTML code and styling it) can be found in the first post about the editor change.

We will keep an eye on the usage of the editor. We look forward to receiving further comments. Once we are sure it serves its purpose and works well, we will be adding it in future modules.

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