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We facilitate conducting sales exempt from VAT e.g. by adjusting the way of generating sales documents and settling orders.

If your company is not registered for VAT, e.g. you are VAT exempt due to obtained revenue, from now on you can enable placing orders and generating sales documents as gross (but without calculating VAT rate).

After changing the option VAT registered to no (ADMINISTRATION / Company data), orders will be always placed by your customers in gross settlements and without calculating VAT. Sales documents will be generated without some unnecessary columns (e.g. net value) with slightly modified name which does not indicate a VAT invoice:

If your company becomes a VAT payee, you can change this option to yes again. Then orders will be placed with a settlement set in a delivery profile by default, or with Sales with VAT setting on a customer card. What is more, sales documents will be generated according to displaying columns on sales documents.

Learn more about the effects of enabling the VAT registered option.

Sales without VAT and your shop template

Adjusting you shop template to VAT registered option set to no is necessary if you do not want to display VAT rate information, e.g. in the basket.

  • if you use a STANDARD template, changes will be included in the next STANDARD templates update - you will just need to update you template