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We enable an even more accurate analysis of clicks in triggered messages links thanks to UTM tags. We also present export and import of messages in the ICF format.

We have added the ability to attach UTM parameters for Google Analytics to links embedded in trigger messages. We enable import and export of a single trigger message, as well as the entire campaign, with the use of ICF format.

Modern Internet marketing just can't go without such tools as Google Analytics(GA). Behavior analysis of users entering your store helps to adjust it to customer expectations.

UTM tags are additional parameters placed in the URL links which, after clicking the link, enable their more accurate analysis in terms of: sources of information, media (eg. e-mail address) and the name of the campaign in which the link was created. Due to such link detailing, their analysis will enable the even more accurate summary of campaigns. UTM tags are used for example by Google Analytics to analyze the campaign and clicks.

UTM tags in triggered messages

In triggered messages settings in Additional options section we have also added Add UTM tags to links (Google Analytics) option. Turning it on will complete clickable links in e-mails with UTM tags.

Export and import in ICF format

In addition, we have introduced the ability to export and import in ICF format particular messages

and the whole campaign.

Thus, you can easily archive and transfer message templates, as well as entire campaigns together with settings between shops and panels in IdoSell Shop.

To learn more about the benefits of Google Analytics integration, see Integration with Google tools.

Information about possibilities and benefits of the use of ICF, please visit Internet Content Format.

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