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We are introducing the ability to create inspirations, lookbooks and stylebooks thanks to Collections module - a new product type

Collections, in addition to already available sets, are yet another way of inspiring customers and offering special encouragement for making bigger purchases. Collections may be used for creating inspirations, lookbooks/stylebooks or ready-to-buy product sets with accessories. While making a purchase, a customer can choose size or variant. If a customer purchases products from a collection, he gets additional discount depending on purchased collection components.

What is a collection?

Collection is very similar to a set,however, while purchasing the set, the customer buys all products included in the set in the amount of components determined by the seller. He also has the ability to choose from available sizes. In case of collections, the customer can purchase all or selected collection components, placing every component in the chosen amount in the cart and choosing among available sizes and variants.

Collection - Collection

Collection prices and discount security

Collections, just like sets, can have a fixed price or a price calculated dynamically. In case of a fixed price of a collection, it is a price a customer has to pay regardless of putting a whole collection to a cart or only its components. Price calculated dynamically enables you to determine the price of items purchased in a collection, depending on the number of purchased collection components and the price of product components.

If a customer chooses only one product from the collection, then such product added to cart will not be treated as a collection but as an individual item. This means that the customer does not get a discount on purchasing the collection. If the collection component is unavailable and the collection is visible, then it will be added to the cart as a collection including this product (to make it clear for customers).

How are collections presented in the template?

The template has to support collections in order to display them. Hence, the previously created templates should be updated. To do this, contact our Graphics Department. Mask supervisor will valuate the change and ask you to accept the cost of the task. If you use STANDARD template, you can update it yourself to the latest version.

Collection - Collection

Look and use of the components presented on the attached screenshots can of course be changed and adapted to the needs of your store. Our proposal was aimed at universal design, adapted to the possibilities of using it in the store, regardless of industry. For example, in the clothes shop you can decide to present a big stylebook picture, introducing AJAX purchase or adjust collection card to your needs.

For developers

Constantly developed API mechanisms do not support all the possibilities of the collection yet. If you are a developer and you are working on the mechanism for placing orders in your system, now you can place the order containing the collection only with the default number of components.

To allow you to place orders for the collections with altered numbers of components or their variants, we are developing IdoSell Shop API gateways - you will be informed about any changes on our blog.

More about composite products, their creation and use, can be found on pages concerning collections and sets. More about grouping products can be found here: convenient product grouping in IdoSell Shop. If you want to know how to easily create a product group using distinctive parameters, see: Grouping products in IdoSell Shop with the use of distinctive parameters in a group.