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We are introducing comprehensive support for discount cards, as part of wider omnichannel functionality, that can be used e.g. by multiple members of the same family

Customers often base their preference as to which store to make their purchase in on whether any discounts are offered – which is why we present the new discount card module. It is an extension of the already present loyalty card and discount codes modules. It is dedicated for merchants who in addition to digital codes, want to issue physical discount cards which work both online and offline, in tune with a well put together omnichannel retailing strategy.

In addition to existing IdoSell Shop features:

  • discount codes – great tool for one-off offers and acquiring traffic from e.g. newsletters
  • loyalty cards – as an alternative for customer logins and passwords. The customer can use the loyalty card details instead of the standard username and password
  • loyalty programmes - collecting points for purchases and exchanging them for products or to cover delivery costs

You now have access to a discount card module. Discount cards are a great tool for building customer-brand relationship. While implementing the module we took great care to ensure a seamless offline and online shopping experience and data synchronization.

Discount cards issued in bricks-and-mortar stores which can be used for online purchases are a great addition to a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Thanks to the ability to specify different modes of card validity you can set up sophisticated marketing campaigns. You have access to cards limited by date, by number of uses, by product type and more.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about discount cards!

New method of activating discounts in online shops

In the upcoming update to our STANDARD templates we implemented an entirely new method of assigning discounts to customer accounts. The changes follow the observed behaviour that when customers see a field for entering a discount in their store by default, they can decide to forfeit the purchase and instead go on a wild search for discount codes in external services. With the new update we changed the way discounts are applied to allow customers to finalize their orders without unnecessary distractions.

What does this mean? You can offer discount cards to your customers in your stationary shops and entice them to visit your online store by letting them know the discount can be applied anywhere. The customer will be able to enter the card number while registering for a new account and start making use of their discounts straight away. Each subsequent visit will already have the discount card details applied, which will let the customer to focus on the most important – making purchases. The same works both ways – the customer, or e.g. any member of their family can use the card in stationary stores and make use of the same benefits. Failure to provide such a seamless approach often hinders implementation of a successful omnichannel strategy.

Would you like to make discount cards available in your store? Contact the IdoSell Shop support department with any questions

Note from our grahpical designers: In the current shop templates the discount card number can be entered in the same field as the discount code number on the basket details page. You can change the default text displayed next to this field yourself or ask us for help with a ticket.