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Upload files to orders that you can automatically print and verify while packing

Sometimes there is a need to add documents to the order, which will be automatically printed and attached to the order. That is why we have prepared a suitable solution for your store, which allows you to add a document in the .pdf format on the order tab in the administration panel. Then it is possible to automatically print them using the IAI Printer when packing the order and verify if they were finally attached to the order. Such documents can also be uploaded via IdoSell Shop administration panel API.

Print and verify documents added on the order tab

If you need to add e.g. an additional information brochure about the product to the order, which the staff is to print and add to the packaged order, you can do it now on the order tab in the new tab "Documents attached to the order". Staff can add any files in the .pdf format, which do not exceed 10 MB.

You can verify and print such documents (using IAI Printer in the process of order verification and packaging in the administration panel as well as using the IAI Scanner application.

In order for documents added to the order to be printed, you must enable the new option in section SALE / Order packing and verification / Verification and order packing settings:

The above set was previously only for dropshipping orders, but now it is also available for all orders, including fulfillment ones.

If you have not yet used the packaging and verification module, see why it is worth trying!

If you use external solutions, use the new method in our API

A new method insertDocuments appeared in the API API "OrdersDocuments", which allows you to add a document to the order tab in the IdoSell Shop administration panel. All you need to do is enter the serial number of the order, the name of the PDF document and the content of this document in the base64 format.

The gateway structure allows you to add many different documents to different orders. It is easy to imagine a situation in which an external mechanism, which after the order is accepted to be handled, and even before its verification, will add appropriate documents to the order, e.g. advertising leaflet.

Learn more about the new method and those already existing in API PA