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Updated content of the default terms and conditions and privacy policy

We have updated the default and auto-complete content of the terms and conditions and privacy policy, which you can use in your shop at no extra charge. In the terms and conditions, we have changed the provision regarding order processing times, and in the privacy policy we have added support for the variable responsible for generating the list of cookies used by the shop. If you already use the option of automatically generated content, the changes described will be taken into account without any required action on your part.

cookies aktualizacja

Below you can read about the changes we have made to the default contents of the shop rules and the privacy and cookies policy. The changes apply to the Polish and English versions of the regulations. We would also like to remind you that, as an online shop owner, you must ensure that you adequately inform your customers of the changes made.

Changes to the content of the store regulations

  • 5.1.6 The wording of this point has been changed: "The lead time for the order is between 1 and 30 working days from the day of concluding the Contract.".

New wording of point 5.1.6: "The lead time for the order is between 1 and 10 working days from the day of concluding the Contract."

This change is dictated by the need to comply with the requirements of payment card operators, who draw attention to this provision when verifying a shop and the previous time frame was too long in terms of a possible chargeback procedure.

Changes to the content of the privacy policy and cookies

§ 10. Cookies

10.7 An active variable [iai:cookies_table] has been added to this section, which is responsible for generating a list of cookies that are used by the shop. This is related to the release of the new version of the cookie consent, which you can read more about on our blog.

Content changes compatible with cookies

For new version of cookie consent, we have prepared completely new consent content:

"We use cookies for the proper operation of the site, to offer social features, analyze traffic and conduct marketing activities - both by us and our Trusted Partners. See privacy policy for more information. By accepting this message, you consent to their storage on your computer. You can specify the conditions for storing or accessing them by clicking on the "Configure consents" tab. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting cookies from your browser from the respective end device.".

The changes described will be available in all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this blog post.

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