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Toplayers and Widgets

These 2 strange names from e-marketers slang are - in truth - very much needed mechanisms used at almost every modern webpage. Toplayers are tabs/windows opened "above/hovering" the store and widgets are additional "boxed" information sliding from the page side. This simple - seemingly easy to create - is very work-consuming when it comes to programmatic skills required, if you want to display your message professionally, not to loose customer, but to acquire one. The allows you to both create professional-looking toplayers and configure them properly (to whom, when and on which pages toplayers and widgets are displayed).

New tools are available in all stores. There are no needs to update store mask. Advanced design allow to:

  • set display parameters - like presentation time or during which page display and so on,
  • set toplayer and widget location on page - e.g. top/bottom, right/left side of the page etc.,
  • determine, on which subpages adverts should be displayed (e.g. only on main page, only in basket etc.),
  • target your customers, dividing them on groups, e.g. only to wholesalers,
  • target your customers by source of visit, e.g. only to customers from

Creation of such addons is very easy. WYSIWYG editor (or its source version) allows to enter advert contents and preview it/adjust before publishing. Widgets require uploading additional graphic file, visible at the edge of the page, clicking on which will result in displaying the advert.

Toplayers and widgets were also equipped with possibility of personalization. Variables allow to greet your customers with their names. Wouldn't it be much more interesting when - after signing in - shop detects, that your client is not signed up to your newsletter, so it greets with these words: "Hello, John. Wouldn't it be nice to receive our special newsletter, in which we describe how to play hockey every week. If you also thinks so, you will also get a special discount code".

Many similar (or completely different! - it's your call!) adverts can be configured in system. You can do almost anything your creativity tells you to. If you have the idea, but lack the skills, of course you can count on our graphic designers team. Just write a ticket and describe your idea. We will swiftly and inexpensively implement them.

To encourage you even more to utilize the Toplayers and Widgets mechanism and show you, how beautiful creations can be made by our designers, we asked them to make some examples and upload them to all of the stores. Effects can be checked by temporary activating (or browsing) the examples available in Toplayers and Widgets module. If you want to test them, just activate the ones, you are particularly interested in. Please also note, that you can test almost all settings. If you encounter any problems with proper setup, feel free to contact your store supervisor.